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my teenage son


going to do it!!!!
hello everyone,
i joined sw on tuesday, and my 15year old son has been watching what ive been eating and saying to me that he cant believe you can lose weight eating like i have been!!( hes used to seeing me diet and not being able to have this or that cos of the diet!!!)He wants to lose weight so i suggested he came with me to group on tuesday at which point he looked at me like i was daft:eek::eek::eek: and said no way!! hes going start ee tomorrow but i was just wondering is the plan any different for teenagers or can they do the same plan ??

Jo x
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shrinking granny
not sure, but if you check the slimming world site there is a section called student area

hope it helps and good luck to him
As far as I know he can follow exactly the same plan, and at his age, he could attend classes for free. I can understand his reluctance though. That said, there are a couple of teenage girls at the group I go to that are slimming for Prom, so it does happen.
I'm sure there used to be something called "free to go " or something like that for teenagers, I think the plan is slightly different, not sure if they get more healthy extras or something, but I'm sure you'll find it on the website.
I may be wrong as I've not really looked at it myself but think I've heard someone mention it before on here.
We had a boy at class for a while who came with his mum, think he was about 12. I remember something about him having more HE's.

I wish the age limit was a little lower, my youngest son is kind of following SW with me and he'd love to come and have a proper WI like I do. It doesn't matter if he doesn't lose it would just be good if he didn't keep on gaining for a couple of years. He asked if he could do it with me so seems a shame that he can't join properly when it's his choice not me pushing him. I guess there could be that worry with younger children that their parents are pushing them in to it.
Yes I wish I knew these things when I was younger. I think it's pushed at school more these days which is good but then it's finding the right balance which is difficult. We don't mention his weight to him because I'd hate to be responsible for any problems surrounding food in later years that could develope from it. He's clever enough to know he's a little over weight. It's not horrendous, maybe a stone or something which is why it doesn't matter if he doesn't lose, he'll grow and be quite a normal weight. Anyway, all we can do is encourage his good choices and allow the treats when he rarely wants them. It's lucky because he loves nothing more than pasta so packed lunches are easy peasy and healthy. In the last 4 months he's not lost but not gained, it's a start.:)

Sorry if it seems I've hijacked the thread.:eek:


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josie jo we are on similar weights, how u finding it
Laura, I dont know if this is of any use to you but my son was under the care of a paediatrician for some years due to his Aspergers. Because of his poor diet (he wouldnt tolerate lots of different textures) he was a bit overweight and the paediatrician always stressed to us that it was better for him to STS than lose, because he would grow into his weight, but by deliberately trying to lose he would miss out on important nutrients for growth. So thats what we did, and hes done exactly that.
I take my 15 year old daughter with me to SW. She is allowed an extra healthy extra A and an extra B.
She has lost 10 lb on the plan and can eat loads. She used to eat loads of those Rustlers burgers before we joined SW and now we make SW cheese burgers as an alternative.
That's brilliant Traceya89. You must be proud of her for losing it in such a healthy way rather than the ways some teenagers do!


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josiejo - i wish at 15 i was able to find something to go to as that was the real start of my problems.

that said - i can understand his reluctance - going to stand on some scales in what is perceived to be a female dominated environment, plus no-doubt some ribbing from his friends if they know/find out he's going.

It needn't be like that though. Yes - it is female dominated, but there truly is no shame in going to Slimming World (or A.N.Other food plan group). and after the first week - when he realises that everyone there is behind him and wants him to succeed - he'll wonder why he was reluctant.

He's at that age now, more then anything, that learning to eat healthily and adopting an eating plan such as Food Optimising is important - sometime in the next few years - he's going to go out on his own, and if he hasn't learnt healthy eating by that point then if it's anything like my experiences - the weight can start piling on.

Stress to him that he doesn't have to share his weight with you or anyone else, and ensure you don't ask him - as that is probably a cause of concern for him. but try to encourage him to one meeting - just so he can at least say "I tried".



going to do it!!!!
Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I think my son would enjoy it if he came with me but i suppose if hes willing to stick to the plan ( i havnt persuaded him he just decided that he wanted too) its a good start isnt it. hes very tall 6ft2 and he weighs about 16stone but is very muscley he wants to lose 2 stone i think he looks fine but i would im his mam lol!! but if hes not happy im all for supporting him in his choice and by doing so i suppose it will help me sick with mine, although at the minute i feel like i will stick with this plan forever, i cant believe of all the diets ive done...and there have been 100s... that i never tried sw before!!
dd, im finding the plan great, infact so great that i keep thinking i cant possibly lose weight !!!

Thanks again guys you are so friendly and full of great advice!!!!


going to do it!!!!
Thanks Ian, i really appreciate a mans point of view. i think i will try and encourage him to come along to just one, i may have to 'trick' him into it by asking him to come along with me to help out with the twins ( i have 3 yr old twins, who i dont take to sw but could just once, lol).


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DON'T trick him... He will only resent it.

It has to be his choice. Tell him how much it helps you, tell him the basic structure of the group. but let him choose wether it's for him.

He has to want to loose weight - which it sounds like he does. but he also has to want to go to the group. Maybe ask if he would like to talk to someone else about what happens at the group and to put his mind at rest and if so ask your consultant to talk to him? or a friend of yours that he may recognise. or failing that - another male member (if you'd like - i'm sure we can set something up).

just don't pressure him/trick him please...



going to do it!!!!
i wouldnt trick him really Ian, yes he does really want to do i and im pleased he wants to do it in a sensible way. Thank you for your advice/support.


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