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My tummy said.... enough!

Last week I had a new experience.

I was eating a moderate portion of home made stir fry with low carb linguine pasta (Dreamfields). It was delicious and I was really enjoying it. Then, suddenly - with about one third of the meal still on the plate - my tum said ENOUGH. Stop eating right now!

So I stopped.

I immediately thought, wow. Finally after all these years I feel full. Not after a binge, not after stuffing with some salad or other foodstuff chosen to 'fill me up', but whilst eating a very nice and wholesome meal. I could not eat another mouthful.

Has this happened to anyone else since they've been on Atkins? This surely is how 'normal' people eat. But this simple yet important sensation, for me, had been lost in time. Now it is back, and I love it.
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It's amazing isn't it. It's happened twice to me in the last 2 weeks - once, like you with stir fry which i just couldn't finish and the next time with me steak which i finished chopped up in my salad the next day.

A novel experience and long may it continue!
Yes it is wonderful. I was hoping others had experienced the same thing. Funny one of yours was a stir-fry, too! The bulk of the veggies maybe?

I truly felt like something very important had happened to me. A normal, natural appetite! Maybe I had this as a child, but in my teenage years, from overweight to severe anorexia and beyond, I can't remember ever recognising an internal signal to stop eating. I was always either still very hungry or overeating.

I hope this will happen to everyone.
Funny one of yours was a stir-fry, too! The bulk of the veggies maybe?
I don't know, there wasn't really more meat or veg than i'd have had pre-Atkins, the main difference is that before i would've had a mountain of noodles as well (to fill me up LOL) and my previous meals that day would've been heavily carb loaded too.

I used to hear people saying they stop eating when they're full but like you can't remember the last time that feeling happened to me until now.

As you say hope everyone can experience this!
Full, what's that? LOL.

No I agree, I don't eat as much in a meal now as I used too, Sunday breakfast excepted of course. LOL
Great Lou. It's so liberating not to be obsessing about every mouthful and every meal in every day. Over time food goes back to the place in our lives it ought to have - still delicious, still enjoyable, still vital for health - but not FIRST place, all the time. This doesn't happen overnight but it does happen. We'll get there. Amazing.
I had to post on this thread again, as it happened to me at breakfast this morning! I was quite shocked as it was a natural feeling I wasn't trying to sense it IYKWIM. I think I'm in ketosis again this morning as I woke with a nasty taste and although I wasn't properly hungry when I ate my breakfast I get light headed and dizzy when I need to eat so I used that as a sign.
Yay Nelly! Excellent.

It is an unmistakeable sensation, sure enough. All the more surprising to us because for years and years we have not experienced it, or we have simply over-ridden it due to habitual overeating.

Whenever I would binge in the past it was always on carbs. I never binged on salad! I'd have 'a couple' of biscuits, fine on a good day, but more often than not they would trigger a torrent of hitherto suppressed or ignored hunger. Our bodies try desperately to make us eat, to stop us from starving. They have no clue we are doing it deliberately.

Once we are eating good healthy food, natural fats and veggies, and enough protein, the body doesn't need to prompt us to eat more.

Such peace of mind AND body.

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