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My update :)

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing well, I'm sure you are :)

Just thought I'd post a bit and let you know I'm still here! I don't get on as much as I'd like to these days as since I moved I don't have internet access in my flat (yet) so I'm restricted to posting at work :sigh: I'm lurking and reading posts but don't get time to reply much.

I'm slowly but surely making my way down towards my target weight (15stone) but it's going so slowly now, literally 1-2lbs a week if I get lucky.

I'm still exercising, I'm now hitting the gym for an hour or so every-other day with a buddy of mine, doing mainly weight-training but a fair bit of cardio as well, last week we ended up in there for almost 2 hours on one day; I'm enjoying working out so much it's almost scary! :p and from it my fitness/strength levels have improved so much lately, I can now quite comfortably run between 3 and 4 miles in a hour which is something I never though I'd be able to do, and I can bench/squat lift 160 kilo's, pretty good considering that's 30 kilo's more than I used to weigh! :eek::D

Of course the downside to all the training is that although I am getting fitter and stronger, my readings on the scales are getting a bit skewed now and on certain areas (arms, chest) I'm actually gaining back some size. Yes, it's a good defined muscle gain and not a bad fatty wobbly one, no doubt there, it just means that I'm now having to go a whole lot more by how I look than what the scale says.

I'm kind of fighting with myself really, I know that sticking to LL will lose me the last 12-14lbs I want to lose, but at the same time I'm finally liking who I am and it's kinda depressing to think that at my current rates of loss it'll be yet another 2 potential months to 'goal'; back at Christmas I was planning on being towards the end of RTM by this time. Still, no way I'm leaving the gym and I'm sticking with LL for now, I've done a little over 9 months so whats another 2? :eek:

I'm off to a conference tomorrow and Wednesday so the earliest I'll be back on will be Thursday morning, I'll try and get some more pics to upload for your viewing pleasures :p for now, here's a couple from the last week or so;

fun in the pub (I wasn't drinking of course!)

my friend (not pictured) decided I needed to change my haircut,
so she gave me a new 'do' for the evening lol
luckily it wasn't actually cut and is back to normal now :eek:

on the dancefloor at the
party, party, party! :D

doing what I do best, Rockin' It!
(Yes, that is an inflatable guitar, and no,
I didn't buy it, they already had it!) :cool::rolleyes::D

'till Thursday people :wave_cry:
have a good mid-week!

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Full Member
Yr looking really good Pete, and rest assured girls like biceps and good muscle tone. Slim men are good but not too skinny!
Yr a fine figure of a man!! I'm really really pleased for you!!
hi pete
great to hear from you!
you are looking great - and will be expecting to see some topless shots in a few months time when you have honed that 6-pack!!!
daisy x

(PS who is almost old enough to be your mum, and should know better, lol!)


I Can Do This!

Good to hear from you! And you are doing so well. Sounds like you have your priorities right in the way you consider your weight losses. Glad you are enjoying the gym and feeling great about your emerging new bod. As Daisy said... Looking forward to some Full Chest shots ;). xx
DD said:
will be expecting to see some topless shots in a few months time when you have honed that 6-pack!!!
t_i said:
Looking forward to some Full Chest shots ;)
lol maybe...... I've still got a long way to go to where I want to be, but for now, I'll throw you this to whet your appetite ;) LOL
dunno why I'm pulling a daft face! :rolleyes: :p


ooo you are getting there aren't you!!
(but yes,have to agree, the face is a bit manic - lol!)
daisy x
Glad to see you in good spirits. I had been wondering where you've been - lurking!
Stick with it Pete, you are nearly there.
The last part seems to be the hardest because we get so many messages from other people when we get into the "normal" category.
Are you enjoying living in your flat?
LOL don't worry mike, you won't have to! :p

SB I'm loving my flat thanks, now everything is decorated/moved in, it's great! :)

Here's some pics if anyone is interested, including one of me enjoying my new sofa on the day it was delivered :D



I Can Do This!
Thanks for showing us round the flat. Veery nice. Love the decor.

And love the chest shot earlier LOL. Definite pecs and ribs on show ;). That six pack won't be long! xx
Thanks for the pics

I like the look of your flat.
I hope you'll be happy there.

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