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my update

hi peeps!
well it's about time i did my update - have been meaning to do it all week!
a couple of weeks ago i did the refeed for a weekend away. the weekend went well and every meal was in carvery style so i could pick and choose to a large degree except the veg was all covered in butter :( overall though successful :party0011:
then monday i went for my weigh-in and a bit of a discussion on whether to do maintenance to get my last stone off or jump back on the hardcore lipo train. well i got to the chemist (1/2 an hour away from me) and the girl - not the one i usually see - shouted over the wooden wall that she was too busy to see me, she needed to do the banking and that they were short staffed - i'm afraid i saw my ass - i have been there for 17 weeks, my mum came on board and my boyfriend/fiance so they have had the profit of all 3 of us and thats what i get!!
so in the end i didnt have a choice and have decided to calorie count my way down the next stone - i've found a fab site that tracks everything and whats more it's FREE!!
so, that's where i'm up to at the moment, this week has gone well food wise so as long as i can control myself - which is really why ive decided to eat my way through the last stone, coz long term i need to get used to what is the right amount of food for me - then i'l stick with it! but despite how cross the chemist got me on monday if i can't get to grips with it lipotrim hardcore here i come!! lol!
also today i went to get my hair done and for the first time in my life A FAKE TAN!! so i'm 30 in july and i can say ive fake tanned before i'm 30! very happy with hair and although i'm looking rather like an oompaloompa at the moment i'm loving the tan too!
so girlies if you're planning on treating yourself anytime soon enjoy it just like me :D :D :D
well, once again i've prattled on!
well done EVERYONE on weight losses and getting through tough times this last week and best of luck for the week ahead of us!!
fran :)
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Why are you not in bed Fran???? you need to sleep....Well done your weight loss is fantastic.



Wanna be....sexy!
Well done Fran,you done amazingly well,keep it up and post some pics x
Well done Fran you sound really happy and content xxxx


Silver Member
Well done Fran..
I cant believe the woman in the chemist, all they want is money it seems!! You should complain about that little b****
glad to hear everythings going well for ya!

Iv started my sessions on the sunbed, tans coming along nicely for holidays :D got a little burnt the other day but its all good i WILL be brown and skinny for holidays lol


Back again - hey ho!
Well done for going it alone Fran, thats really gutsy, I'm useless at self dissapline! Good luck for last stone xxx


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Lovely as usual Fran! No wonder you were annoyed hun, they should know roughly who comes in and what days each week..what if you had to see them? i would have gone mad too! You sound really happy hun and im really pleased for you. As for the fake tan....id love to but am too scared! I used to go on the sunbed but became wise when i had my daughter, no more risks for me!
Well done again hun and keep us updated xxx

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