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My ups & downs on the scale


First of all great forums. I wanted to speak my heart out and thus sharing my story. Since childhood I have been overweight. Was lucky enough to have great circle of friends and was never called names in school except for sometimes in public which I didn't care at all. Never was actually motivated to loose weight, joined some tennis classes but left it within a month. Joined basketball but never went from the 3rd day and so on. When I turned 19, I joined gym with a friend just to give him company but things turned around from there. I joined a special package where you get trainer + a nutritionist who measure your progress daily. As it was my first time in the gym and proper planned strategy, I lost weight so quickly I was really shocked and happy. Felling how easy it was I got highly motivated and started to follow proper diet and go to gym 6times a week regularly. This went on for 2months where i was successful enough to bring my weight down from 120kgs to 105kgs. Getting complements from people I know and feeling somewhat good about myself, I made a target to get to 80kgs. I once again changed my plan and started doing mad stuff w/o anybody's consultation. I started having only 1 meal a day (afternoon). Drink half cup tea morning and evening. I went to gym in morning to do cardio 1hr and 1hr in evening to do weight training + 1hr swimming. This continued for another 3months and I recorded 86 on the scale. Felling very happy I slowly stopped swimming, then started eating twice and day, then went on three times a day then stopped the morning cardio and finally gave full stop to whole exercise. This was my biggest mistake and once I started eating w/e i felt like my weight really shot up. I moved to a different city for college and gained most of the weight back (95kgs).

I got an opportunity in the 3rd year at my college to study abroad i.e. UK for 8months and I took it. I had 4months to go and i decided to once again get back in shape. I started the exact same routine, but the weight loss was much harder and slow this time. In 4months which full (maybe more) dedication i was able to loose around 15kgs. I was still very happy as I looked a bit overweight and not obese as compared to past. While in UK I was able to manage my weight for 2months but got victimized by myself for the remaining period.

Now back from UK and started working since 4months, I checked my weight yesterday and it recorded 101kgs. I went again and joined the gym today. I am now seriously targeting to reduce 30kgs in 6months to bring my weight down to 70. I hope I go regularly from tomorrow. I come here to get some tips and share my progress.

I know its a long read, but thx if you made it till here.

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Hi and welcome.
I am quite new here also but it seems a good site. What diet will you be following?
Good luck with your weightloss
Cokes x

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