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my very slow weight loss diary

It's very hard to know where to start this and I thought writing a diary and getting some feedback/support/a virtual kick up the backside might help my weight loss.

I have been overweight on and off (mostly on) from the age of 5. In 1995 at 21 years old I found slimming world and lost a respectable 4 stone and for a while I was the right weight for my height. I got married in 2001 and piled the weight back on. In early 2005 I went back to slimming world and over 2.5 years I lost close to 4 stone again. I'm now around 1 stone away from my target weight and boy has it gotten hard.

I do extra easy most days - having spent pretty much the last 14 years only eating red or green days the extra easy plan has come as a breath of fresh air.

Why is it so hard?

Well I guess now I'm getting to a point where I'm almost an acceptable weight for my height. This means that the last bunch of pounds to come off are the hardest.

My fittest level is terrible at the moment. I had some major ear surgery over the summer and the gym was ruled off limits for over 2 months by the surgeon. As a result I can't even manage 15 minutes on a treadmill never mind the 1 hour or so that I was used to.

I'm eating repetitively and not making enough time to do new and creative stuff in the kitchen.

I'd be quite happy to lose 1 pound a week for the next 20 weeks. It's a marathon right not a sprint.

Today has been a good day - i had 1oz of porridge oats for breakfast and one of the god awful scan bran things, pasta and sauce for lunch and tuna and jacket for dinner. See what I mean about a lack of adventure.

wish me luck!

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managed to have a reasonably good week until yesterday - which comprised mainly cake. back on the wagon today have a nice home made lentil and ham soup for lunch, syn free of course on extra easy.
did very badly at class last night - put a monumental 5lb on over 2 weeks despite illness and barely eating. How can you put 5lb on from a cake blowout. anyway completely back on the wagon today. porridge for brekkie and now jacket and tuna for lunch.


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