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My Wedding dress came!!


Getting married in July!!
Hiya!! I ordered my wedding dress from Hong Kong 7 weeks ago- before i started lipotrim and i didnt think it'd get here this quick but it came yesterday.

I am very glad to say that after loosing two stone it was too big for me. im thrilled about this (even though it means that ill nead to get it aultered/ reordered from hong kong closer to the wedding when im at my goal weight. i knew this when i ordered it but it was so cheap and i wanted to make sure i liked in on me as i had only seen it on the internet. )

Its funny the way my body has changed shape- like my boobs werent even in the busted part of the dress cos they've gotten so much smaller and seem to have moved down a wee bit :rolleyes:.

I have to say that putting on the dress was a great motivator. Ive been finding being on lipotrim really tough lately (sur when am I not!!:p) and i was thinking of refeeding at the end of this week and trying to loose weight on maintenance. but NO WAY am i going to do that!!!!! Because i want to look totally hot in my wedding dress and im a long way off that yet! i still felt that this is not the way i want to look on my big day so im full steam ahead now!!! im going to stick tfr for as long as possible cos the results are amazing and i cant wait to get down to 11 stone!!!! woho bring it on..

xoxo Bride to Be hehe
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wow that is soooooo exciting! You know by the time your wedding comes round you might be such a different shape that you'll go for an even slinkier dress! Hong Kong is brilliant for clothes, I had some stuff copied when I was over there, you can give them a favourite dress, pick your material and a couple of days later the copy gets delivered to your hotel - just like that!!!

I'm so pleased for you, I was excited enough just getting into my bl88dy jeans so god knows how you must feel???? I bet you need to be scraped off the ceiling!:D


Getting married in July!!
aw sandra there wasnt even a word for it. i actually nearly cried!! (good tears for a change!!hehe). i was just so happy. and i was dead proud of how i had changed my body so much in just 6 weeks of lipotrim!! it really got my focused head on!!

i know i always want to quit when it gets tough but i think this will keep me focused.

Yeah its really amazing for clothes isnt it!!!! like the prices of wedding dresses in the shops is unreal and this dress is amazing and it only cost me £130 including a huge hoop underskirt and shipping! sur where would ya get it over here. and like that they can make absalutly anything u want. great service!! next time(after the wedding that is) i need a special formal dress i think id get it made and shipped over. your right about a different dress, i mean who knows how much ill change!! ill deff get it from the same lady whatever i go for.

ohhh im all excited thinking about it now!!!!

does anyone have any nice stories/ memories of getting their dress?
Well done thats great. You'll have to post a pic of your dress! Bet you'll look fantastic! :)
Emma x


Getting married in July!!
Thanks emma!! Yea i must try and get a pic up!! I wouldnt b d most tecnically minded and better not ask my fiance to help seeing as he cant c it but yea i must try tomo. Lov it.


Getting married in July!!
:character00250:no photos as yet but god im so excited even thinking about it!!!!!! :drool:this diet really is great!!! :character00250:any other brides to be on here?:character00250:


Getting married in July!!
Thanks thinner me!!! Yeah its mad, like as sandra was saying sure a whole other style might suit me better when i loose the weight. Its been a long long time since iv ever felt slim so maybe my style will even change too!! Im used to dressing for my curves so who knows what'll take my eye if i make it below 11 stone!! Woho thats a fantastic thought!!


Never give up
So happy for you Different! I would love to see your dress. Weddings make me go all mushy. Has anyone heard from MsBlonde how hers went?

Must dig mine out from the attic now - it would actually fit now, probably for the first time since the big day!!!!
This is what its all about for me!!! I put on nearly 3 stone since i met my fiancée and really want to rediscover my once fabulous self for the biggest day of my life!!! For a year i have been trying and hhhmmming and aaaahhhhing but i just know this is it now!!! Im defo gonna shift it, finding extra easy exactly that... easy!!!!!
Cant afford to go to slimming world, so hoping minimins will help keep me on track by chatting to people experiencing the same things.

x x x x x <3 x x x x x

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