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My wedding rings fit!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
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awww thats amazing!!! well done!!!


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fantastic honey!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Well done, I can imagine it feels great for you to be wearing them again.
I need to get some taken out of mine, they have gone too big for me.


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good idea, i will try mine on too. Ha wont my hubby be chuffed.:p


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Congratulations ! I haven't worn my wedding ring for the last 5 years although I do wear my engagement and eternity ring.

I'm hoping with my weight loss that I'll be able to start wearing them all again.


Here we go again!
Well done that's great.

I've got the same problem as Kered. I need to get some taken off mine. I was reaching for a file at work the other day and the 3 rings on my wedding finger flew off. Got to be careful especially when my hands are cold (which is all the time on LT) but don't want to take them in until all the weight's gone. Always making sure they're still on at the mo!
Bev, I havent had my rings made smaller yet, as i still want to lose a bit of weight on refeed, but I am going to the jewellers today to buy one of those things that you can put on the back, to keep it tighter until I get to target.


Here we go again!
Good idea Kered. I was going to ask about one of those tomorrow myself. It's amazing how much your hands shrink isn't it? I didn't think weight loss would effect them as much as it has. My hubby has noticed how my hands look much smaller. Better than sausage fingers like before!


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Well done on ring fitting,must be a great feeling for you.I've got opposite problem my wedding and engagement ring are getting dangerously to bit,problem being my engagement ring cant be adjusted grrrrrrr which is heart breaking
I also had a bracelet I bought last year for the holidays, and I had to put some cream on my right hand to slide the bracelet on, I tried this on a few weeks ago and it goes on easy now. On the same subject, I must have lost a little on my feet too, because my shoes are all looser.......lol


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well done you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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