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My week one weigh in


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Well done Karen on your 4lb off!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks :D
Well done Karen! Wish me luck for my first weigh in on Friday! x


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Olivia I will be looking for your post on Friday. Good luck hun :D
Eeeeek the pressure! Lol! I'm looking forward to it...How much exercise are you incorporating and what type?


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We, as a family, usually do 3-4 cycle rides a week of about 6km each time. Then we have a rotti who needs walking a lot so I usually get in 3 long walks a week of about 4km each time. Then I "try" to hit the treadmill for 30 minutes at 5km per hour a couple of times a week.

There aren't many days where I wont do at least one of the above.

How about you?
Haha...my 45mins on the exercise bike daily(the one that does your arms too) seems piddly in comparison now...Lol! Good on you!
oooh and I've just noticed we have the same goal weight!
45 mins on an exercise bike every day is good hun. Keep it up :D

Yeah I set it at 12 stone because I've been that a few times in the past. But when I was 24 I got down to 10st 4lb - now that would be a dream ;)
God I haven't been 12stone since I was 12/13... sad isn't it? I feel like I've lost my teenage years to being fat...

I'm never going to get that back!
OMG I said exactly that to hubby the other day. I said I never really got to act like a teenager because I didn't really fit in with my skinny mates :(
Lol...I suppose we're all similar on here! Thing is, I'm only 21 now and the whole "not fitting in" hasn't stopped...

I have to wear long sleeve tops out in pubs and clubs, then get too hot...uncomfortable and vicious cycle!

This is the first time I'm really taking things seriously though. There's a wedding I have to go to August that I want to lose 28lbs for...my boyfriends ex will be there and to have that little bit of a confidence boost of losing weight will help me be able to enjoy myself..

I trust him and stuff so that isn't the issue...but being able to walk in confidently will make me feel a million times more comfortable :)
Oh I'm sure you will walk in with your head high. But just to be mean let's pray she spills red wine on her dress ;)

When we got married we were both 15 stone. Our goal is to get to 12 stone each and renew our vows.
That's lovely that you're doing it together...My boyfriend is annoyingly perfect in the body department with minimal effort...GIT! Hehehe! To be fair though, he is being very supportive of me. He told me he wants me to be thinner to help my asthma, my confidence and he admitted he would find me more attractive. Now I thought this would bother me, but in fact its spurred me on. I was this big when I met him and he says he'll find me more attractive because I'll be more confident. I see his logic :)


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Hi Karen, I just wanted to say well done on your weight loss.
And I agree with both of you that it's horrible to think of the things that have been spoilt because of carrying this extra weight...I know it's dampened alot of fun times for me.....keep it up girls...x
Oh thanks hun :D

But I was an idiot this morning and gave in to stress :(

We had a terrible time last night with our 14 year old which continues into this morning and indeed will take a lot of sorting out.

Anyway, I was so stressed this morning I ate a Raspberry Ruffle Bar :break_diet: Only 125 cals but that's not the point.

Even as I was opening it I was saying to myself "Don't do it, you've been so good. You don't even really want it." Then I shoved it in my mouth and ate it :eek:

There's no hope for me :(
Oh Karen, there is hope...125 calories is nothing! Get exercising and you can have that off and more? Do you have an exercise equipment at your house?
Yeah we have a treadmill and an ab thingy. I'll get on when baby has a sleep.

Hubby is at school trying to prevent our 14 year old being excluded at the mo :mad:
Oh dear...hope it all works out. If you want to talk about it, I'm here to listen. If you don't want to talk on here, my msn is in my profile...

On a brighter note, I weighed myself a day early, (today instead of tomorrow) so it's not official yet, but I have lost 8lbs since Monday!!!!!!!

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