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My weekly weigh In's

Im going to be weighing myself every monday morning and I thought i would put get a place where i can update my weightloss progress! and tell people what happened in the week, how much ive lost and gained etc etc.... feel free to post yours aswell!

the last time I weighed myself was last monday, I weighed 204lbs, heres hoping tomorrows weigh in shows progress!!
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Well done !!! All the 1 lbs add up !!!
Think of a pound of lard next time your in your supermarket - it's a HECK OF A LOT!!!

well if you put it that way....it does make alot more sence.

Thing is ive cut out all snacks and over the past couple of days its been alot easier to avoid fattening foods!

Heres hoping that next weeks weigh in shows more progress...ive been dieting on and off the past 2 years and alot of people say that dieting alone wont help....however ive found it does, and even though it takes longer to loose the weight, it eventually dissapears...

hows everyone else doing so far? can you give me any tips on how to make my weight loss work a little bit faster?
I was getting a bit stuck the past few weeks and then checked out the calorie calculator. I stuck to it last week and lost 5 lbs.

I also see a dietitian - she suggested the following which has been the best advice anyone has ever shared with me....

1. you can have carbs & protein for brekkie and lunch ie. omelette with cheese and ham plus (add side salad if having for lunch)
Evening meal must exclude carbs.

2. NO REFINED white flour & sugar. I have cut out biscuits, cakes and white bread, but love a bit of dark choccie. Occasionally have a few Oreo's with a cuppa.

3. NO CARB snacks - have raw nuts instead or fruit

4. ONLY 3 fruits a day! They contain a lot of sugar.

5. Do not to eat after 7pm.

I try to walk for 45 mins every day. Just about to join a gym to tone up as I know it will also help change my shape.

Hope this helps!
thanks for your tips mealie, I've started exercising now for 15 minutes a day, im eating for fruits (so far only about 2 a day) and im skipping out all of those snacks that contain alot of sugar (buiscuts, cake etc)

your tips have helped alot, thank you
I have decided to do my weekly weigh in..today as I am going to the gym early tomorrow and will most likely forget...

So this week I have lost 2lbs..and thats a total of 7lbs or 56 sausages!

how is everyone else doing this week?
I have taken off 3lbs this week, I hope to loose more next week but since its christmas and all i might end up putting some on instead of taking it off, so this week i have taken off 24 sausages... :)
I did not weigh myself yesterday as It was the christmas season and I was afraid of what was going to show on the scales :S, I definatly indulged over christmas, but I am back on my diet as of today, and I will definatly be weighing myself monday morning next week. :)

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