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my weight loss diary

my day one started at 401lb on 08152011 in london with lipotrim,1st day to start came up too fast however stayed with me forever i managed to drink 2 litres of water and nothing else than the shakes ,felt kinna low and low on energy and craved for food a lil bit ,but hey its for a big change in life .:)
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day 2

day 2 i.e. 08/16/2011 , woke up with in mind that i cant take it anymore spcly everyone is opening champagne and chabblis every evening however i managed to drink the 2 litre of water and just on shakes however in night din get a nice sleep was waking up after every couple of hours ,not hungry however.
day 3

ok day 3 the worst day of my diet so far ,woke up with my head heavy and dehydrated feeling ,so had around 22oz of water at a go,went for exercise for 50 mins jus cycling ,the head ache went progressive as the time moved towards dusk and could not sleep untill 1-2 am which is pretty long time to put myself to sleep since i was in bed at 11.
day 4

today 08-18-2011 ,today iam feeling the best of all the last 3 days ,no hunger ,no head ache,even i had my first shake in 2 portions with interval of 2 hours ,din wanted to have it at all but my doc called me and told me to have the 2 shakes everyday to let my body work normal ,iam feeling energetic at the moment hope iam able to complete my first step of 14 days diet with the same motivations,monday is my weigh inn ,excited.
day 5

felt stronger than ever,din feel hungry during day,no head ache,went out walked a bit ,felt really hungry in evening while the whole fam was havin a indian mega feast on lamb ,kebobs and prawns n chicken,was able to control myself ,drank 2 litres of water ,planing to start drinkin 3 to 3.5 liter soon,had talk with one of my friends who just lost 50lbs ,was really motivating ,goin to gym tomorrow with cuz ,feel good:)
Sounds like a tough few days, glad you're feeling better and that you felt motivated after chatting with your friend :)
day 6

i have actually started feeling quite normal without food intake now,i drank 3 liters of water today ,fam again had a big english dinner tonight , controlled myself and din eat it ,which motivates me not to stop the diet at any cost,looking forward to tomorrow n spcly monday when i get the first ever pounds off me ,hope everyone else also had encouraging day .:cool:
day 7

today was a good day for me ,woke with a nice sleep which was missing since i started the diet ,i mean had no problem sleeping earlier aswell ,however past night was better,for first time in dieting i went through constipation however wa not bad n i was able to push my way through lol!:D ,went to gym n left 500cals back there , by evening had a lil heavy head however was bearable. and yes i did feel a lil hungry ,but all i need to take care of right. good luck to people who are also in the same boat .omg its my weigh inn tomorrow
day 8 yesss!!!

day 8 , got my weigh inn done n guess wat, i lost 15.43lbs i.e. a little more than a stone n now i weigh 385.3 lbs ,cant express my happiness and motivation i got from these results ,also checked my kitoses and water levels checked the result were perfect ,blood pressure normal,iam very much pleased and strongly encouraged with these results in a week only,people if you are in your initial stage of diet please follow it religiously as i did and trust me you will be feelin like me right now,as soon as i met my doc he said u look so better and then we did the weigh inn so it actually is visible on the body from first week,however still got a long way to go and iam only getting stronger,fyi bmi droped by 2% from 51.5 to 49.2 i guess,good luck people:)
thank you for the support

Good luck on the scales tomorrow Harry, i have a feeling you are going to be delighted with the result, your determination is inspiring :)

thanks for the support ,i get encouraged all time when i read these comments here.

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