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My Weight Loss- here we go!

Hi everyone
thought i should finally put everything on here and get going with this diet properly!

Finally weighed myself the other night, and i am now at 110kg
At my heaviest, earlier this year i was 119kg, so i am getting there slowly but surely, in the right direction!
I am a very tall girl, at around the 6'2 mark, but i am still very overweight. Ideally, i would like to get down to 90kg.
I am currently between being size 16/ 18 and i have on the odd occasion, depending on the trousers, had a size 20, i would love to be between a 12/ 14. Havent taken my measurements yet but will do tonight!
I have been trying diets for so long now, but something snapped in my on my 24th birthday, i am not getting any younger and i want to enjoy my twenties, feeling better about myself, slimmer and wearing the clothes i have always wanted to. So this time i really am serious!!! lol ;)

i am still trying to learn how to use this site, so forgive me if i make mistakes, i am trying to get my weight tracker on here so fingers crossed it works!
Its so nice to finally have somewhere to write all this down, knowing no one will judge me for being overweight, no one will gasp at my weight etc, i love living here in turkey but there are no support groups for me!!!! :( wish me luck!

Love Sam x
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Thanks Janey
Still trying to learn how this site works but i will update as often as i can!!
Good luck to you too, I love it out here in Turkey but no groups to follow thats the only problem, all the turkish women are short and thin!!! doesnt help my self esteem much lol
oh yes it will, its been a long time coming!!!
I am very lucky as my boyfriend has been with me at my fattest and my thinnest, but i hate trying to clothes shop here as all the shop assistants are skinny, and the clothes are not made to fit someone like me, so i would love to be able to stroll in there, knowing something in there would fit me!!! lol
so what sort of plan are you on hun?
thats very true!!! I think thats one of my problems, my partner is very tall and very slim and he can eat whatever he wants, and he does!!! he likes all the healthy stuff and he does eat whatever i cook but whenever we are out somewhere he buys unhealthy things and sometimes, god bless him, he brings me home a cake or some choc cos he thinks i deserve it! lol i dont think men understand diets!
So how long have you been at this for? Whats your aim?
Hiya Sammy, Been at the whole dieting thing for bloody years. Been on many, many differant diets. Have done the meal replacement thing in the past, actually the Cambridge diet, years ago. Have tried slim fast, the cabbage diet, the south beach diet to name but a few. The scottish slimmer thing just seems to suit me, lots of normal stuff in there and it does give you scope to have a wee chocolate treat every now and then. And I'm a chocoholic.....big style!!!!! I wanna get down to 11 stone. Long way off but I'm gonna do it!!!!
My hubb is a bit like yours too, always been slim, he's a cyclist and eats for Scotland and never puts on a pound. So can sit and munch away at almost anything. I tried going cycling with him once but I kept falling off the bike!!!! so wont be doing that again.
Are you going to be following any plan. i know its difficult out there for you in Turkey but there are loads of clubs that you can follow online if thats what you fancy. This site is well supportive too, and really informative. Anyway I've waffled on long enough. I can chatter away like a budgie.
Janey xx
Hey there thanks for your reply, i like you have been dieting on and off since i was about 18 (6 years now! seems so long now i have said it!) I have attempted Atkins, Cambridge Diet (lost 2 stone in a month) but then became so frightened of putting weight back on again when i came off it that unfortunately (i will be honest here) i gave myself a very unhealthy relationship with food and gave myself an eating disorder (bulimia) which is why i dont want to do anything like cambridge etc as i dont want to go down that road again, i have only stopped doing that completely in the last 6 months or so, and i feel a lot better about food now, and i eat loads of fruit and veg etc, and i would rather try the old fashioned route of exercise and eating better as i know that will not be dangerous for me, its something i can stick to, and now again have a treat along the way, it will probably take me longer but i am hoping it would then stay off for longer (forever lol!)
Sorry to ramble on!
But tonight i have a plan:
My partner is bringing me home a weighing scales, and a measuring tape and i will write it all down, then i am going write down my goals and i am also keeping a food diary of what i eat everyday and we will see how i go!
Wish me Luck! x
Sounds like a good plan Sammy and hey, great stuff for getting yourself back on track with the bulimia. I know that must be a hard journey for you every day. And you sound like your head is in the right place so onwards and upwards(well, downwards).
OK so i have decided to write up on here my goals, and my food and exercise diary as its the only way to do it, write it down and then i cant cheat! lol
So i have added my goals to my signature, nothing too huge and unreachable, would love to drop as close to 10kilos as possible by xmas. Then by March next year, i want to get into this beautiful LBD i have that i have never worn and let my boyfriend take me out somewhere special and have the first full length photo taken of me in years!
Tonight i am going to take a before photo (dreading it!) and attach it to the hanger with my dress on and hang it up in my bedroom so i can see it everyday and remind me why i am doing this!
I have decided to write down everyday what i eat and what exercise i do etc, so yesterday:
Breakfast- 1 boiled egg, 2 pieces of brown bread, cup of tea and sml bottle of water
Lunch- Tuna wrap with salad, 1 apple and 1 diet lemon biscuit with sml bottle of water
Dinner- Spaghetti with fresh prawns, chilli, onion and garlic, another two bottles of water.

Exercise- 1 hr on my spinning disc at home.

If anyone has any suggestions or can see that i am doing something wrong, please share!

lol anytime! x need some ideas as just seem to be eating the same sort of stuff all the time!
whatever recipes you got, i will gratefully take! once a week i have a treat day so i can eat what i want, so send them on to me!!! thanks hun x
So here i am back again! almost a year later (what a waste of bloody time when i could have been here having support and losing weight and i didnt :-( *sigh*)
Oh well no point stressing just get back on it!!!

I am back, new attitude and with an engagement ring on my finger to give me a kick up the butt!!!

Janey i miss you!

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