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Lovely names hun

I like

Katie but my hubby dont lol

Purple Hugs

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Lovely names hun, I like Ailsa as said before - for being a little unusual - you know me! ;)

Oisin great to see you :) I love Brooke! :) Hope you're keeping well and bubs is getting nice and big! lol


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All lovely hun! I personally couldn have Angelina, as i cant stand Angelina Jolie haha

I love all the names regardless, and what ever you choose will be just perfect!!


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Like eefa ~ Its Irish
I dont want anything to unusual as i hate when ppl call my daughter by d wrong name. its amazing how many ppl look at Rhiannon writin down and call her Rhianna, or they ask u what her name is n u tell them and they still call her Rhianna. Rhiannons now at d stage where she gets angry n says my names not Rhianna. SO want a simple name no one can mix up.
No that would be no use as Rhiannon has ann in it try sayng this is Rhiannon and Ann lol

Think its going to be Ailsa or Jessica

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It's a tricky one, we thought Erin was straight forward, but nope, people spell it wrong all the time! lol


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Lovely choices!!

We're going for Lowenna Eve for a girl or Noah Daniel for a boy!

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Sunflower their lovely names :)
We are having a girl and have gone for Catrin Beth Nash :)


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Thank you - Lowenna is cornish, not used too much either which is nice!
They are lovely names, I was also thinking of Jessica but changed my mind a few weeks back after sports day at my daughters school where there was a couple of Jessica's.

My eldest is called Nieve "niamh" we didn't spell it the normal way because we thought people would be asking all the time how it's said, turned out good though because "Nieve" is Spanish for Queen of the snows and it snowed the day she was born and on her birthday for the first 3 years :D

For now I've decided on Faye Rose :)

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