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Nastazia's diary....

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Anastazia35, 8 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Ok....let see...

    I restarted my journey on the 28th of January. I was thinking to start a diary but I wasn't sure that I could keep it running, and I was also afraid of the commitment...:sigh:

    Anyway, today I decided to give it a try and I hope that I will keep it till the end.

    Ok, I will give you some backround.
    I don't remember myself being slim since the age of 7-8. Year after year the kilos piled on and I couldn't stick on a diet for a long time. I visited many nutritionists, i have tried fad diets, pills, machines, body creams etc etc. Nothing seem to work with me.
    After the birth of my second child, I started having problems with my husband. I was having them before too, but then were more severe. So i started CD, and it worked!!!
    I lost 18kgs in 2.5 months, but then i decided i needed a break and never went back.

    Now, almost 4 years after and all the kilos back, I had to start again, otherwise I would ended with a divorse in my hands.

    So in here I will post my progress and I hope to receive some positive vibes from all of you in here...

    I have to go now. I will be back later...
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  3. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi Anastazia, Hello and Welcome, Its great that you have started a diary I have found mine really motivating and also a place to offload! There are loads of lovely people on her that I am sure will comment on your diary and join you on your journey! I like you have tried most things before and this plan really works! I put on about 23lb and have came back on 2nd Jan to get that off. The diet as you know works its just hard the first few days as you go through ketosis!

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you are doing! x
  4. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Dear Theresa, thank you for your nice words, but probably you are the only one welcoming me.
    Anyway, it doesn't matter, I am doing this for myself.
  5. horridreflection

    horridreflection Well-Known Member

    Hi not been on much this weekend. Good luck on your journey I was a bad bad girl at weekend. Had a 2 course lunch but had previously lost 17lbs since jan. xx
  6. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Hi horridreflection,
    I have to admit that on weekend I wasn't so good either :eek:....
    Although today is a new day and I already started SS. I will try to keep the diary running so to keep my self motivated.
    Yay for the good loss you managed!!!!!:D Keep up the good work!!
  7. Laurakate21

    Laurakate21 Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
    welcome to the forum, im new too! My names Laura and im hoping to loose a shed load of weight this year! I was naughty this weekend too! whoops! although I did loose 9lbs 1/4 in the first 5 days! so its swings and roundabouts and Im in it for the long haul anyway :) good luck today , looking forward to supporting you and sharing your journey!

  8. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Hi Laura,

    Nice to see you here and good loss!!! Wow in just 5 days!!! How much you have to lose?
    I have to lose about 50lb/4stones!!!:eek: I already lost 11lbs the first week so I got down to about 40lb/3stones to lose...it is amazing what a week can make!!
    So now we all have to be good girls and keep up the loses, right?
    Thank you for your support, we will help each other in this journey.xx
  9. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    My second weigh in was last Thursday but on Wednesday I had the TOTM. I went to my CDC I told her and she said that I might be 1-2 kilos more. I have to say that I paniced.:eek: I stepped on the scale and thank god I was over just 0.2kg (that's about 0.45lb). I was very happy because that meant I lost something. My next weigh in is this Thursday and I can't wait. :)I already started SS so hopefully I will lose something...
  10. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    The meal plan for today is simple.
    I had a coffee and a tea in the morning.
    I had a chocolate velvet (tetra) at 12:30 and I am planning to have a craberry flavor snack now with another coffee. I will see how that goes and if I will feel hungry soon. If not i will have one chicken and mushroom soup later and a lot of water.

    Can anybody tell me why I cannot have a signature? Do I have to post some more first?
  11. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi Anastazia, sorry I have been busy over the weekend and did not get on here much! Well done on your loss at your weigh in! How are you finding it?

    I am not sure how many posts you have to do to get a signiture or even if you have it seems so long ago that I put mine on there. Maybe one of the other ladies can answer this? You can get a ticker by going onto the internet and going to Ticker Factory and then inputting your choices and weights and then copying and pasting the DD code into the signature bit.

    Take care x x
  12. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Theresa,

    As I said before, yesterday I started SS....it was so hard...although my problem was in the evening. So I ate 5 leaves of lettuce. I don't know if I destroyed everything eating that but I couldn't help it. I was so hungry so tried to eat something really light. I have to ask my CDC on Thursday but I wanted to get an opinion from here, in case I feel hungry today too.
    Till now my day was the same like yesterday. I had my chocolate tetra, and then my chocolate bar. I ran out of soups so probably tonight I will have another one bar instead of two soups.

    I want this to happen this time...I have to succeed...I am so sick of being fat....I don't want to fail again.Don't leave me alone pls!!!:help2:
  13. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi Hun, I am sure the lettuce will not be a problem you are allowed 80g on SS+ and this does not take you out of ketosis! At the end of the day you could have turned to a lot worse foods that would effect your ketosis!

    You are doing fab Hun x will pop in tomorrow to see how you are? I have my weigh in tomorrow at 7 pm which I am exited about! X
  14. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Hi Theresa and thank you for your input.

    Finally I called my CDC yesterday to make sure and she told me that I can eat any green or white vegetable without any fear. So last night I got hungry again and I had 3 cucumbers and some turnip. I didn't eat the second snack bar I was planning to, and i also skipped the soup. I know this not right but after the veggies I couldn't eat anything else.

    Tomorrow I have my WI at 12:30 noon. I am so anxious and worried because of the self sabotage weekend....
    I don't feel any change also... I don't know...
    Anyway, I hope you did well to you WI. I will check you out tomorrow.xxxxxx
  15. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Today I followed the same schedule as yesterday.
    Chocolate tetra in the morning, peanut crunch bar for lunch and just 1lt of water. It is very difficult for me to drink all the required water. so I keep drinking teas and coffees, and again i don't manage.
    Are there any tricks to drink more water?
    Anyway tonight I am planning to have leek and potato soup. I don't like it much but is the only one left.
    And will see whan scales will show tomorrow!!!
  16. horridreflection

    horridreflection Well-Known Member

    My trick for water is - a bottle when I wake up a bottle between breakfast and lunch one after lunch and one before tea. I literally force myself and tell myself no packets of food till after my water bottle is finished. Find it hard but also have 2 black coffees with skimmed milk if I'm desperate xx
  17. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Thanx Horrid, but when you say bottle you mean 1lt bottle every time? Ohhh I don't know if I can do that. I bought a water flavor the last time I attempt to start Cambridge (5 months ago), but I don't know if I can use it yet since I am in week 3. I may give a try to your method... Please stay around, as I need people around me to stay motivated.
  18. horridreflection

    horridreflection Well-Known Member

    No I mean 500mls ! I aim for 2litres and then 2coffees. So prob take me to 2.5 litres. I'm not going anywhere I'm here till the end!. U can have water flavour from week 2 I think I've just ordered some xx
  19. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    Oh ok. 500ml I can do...
    Have to go for my wi now.
    See you in a while with good results I hope!!
  20. horridreflection

    horridreflection Well-Known Member

  21. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    How did you do Hun? X x

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