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    I'm Nathalie, 22, I'm a History student having a year out and I have a 3 month old daughter Emily whose father is my lovely boyfriend Jamie!

    I want to lose weight, fit in at least Size 14 jeans and Size 12 tops, do 30 minutes of exercise per day, feel like I have more energy to keep up and be happier and healthier! I don't have a real time limit as I want the change to be for life. But I'd like to see a drastic difference by September, when I go back to do my final year of uni.

    Starting Weight and Measurement
    Height: 5'7"s
    Weight: 14 stone (196 lbs, or 88 kg if you like)
    BMI= 30.6. Obese. :(

    Chest: 108.5 cm 43 inches
    Waist: 102 cm 40 inches
    Flabby ex baby-bump belly: 116.5 cm 45 inches
    Arms:33.5 cm 13 inches
    Thighs: 69 cm 27 inches
    Hips: 115 cm 45 inches

    12/4 13.10, 192lbs (4lbs lost)

    My Weight Goals
    Lose 5 % of body weight = 13.3 (need to lose 11 lbs)
    Reach Pre pregnancy weight of 13 stone (need to lose 14 lbs)
    Lose 10% of body weight = 12.6 (need to lose 22 lbs)

    Ultimately, Healthy BMI= 10.6 at the most, 10 stone to be safe. (Need to lost a whopping 56 lbs!!)

    How I aim to do it!
    Eating a really healthy, low calorie planned out diet..and sticking to it!!!
    Having healthy snacks
    Hopefully make friends on here!
    Support of my boyfriend who is also dieting, bless him!
    Finding time to exercise every day! Especially EA Active on the Kinect, Swimming and walking.
    I'm doing weight watchers which has been successful for me before, but I am using the books and counting points without attending meetings, so I don't know how well it will work. If we're a bit better for money at some point I will definitely start meetings.

    Starting Piccies:




    A bit about my weightloss history
    Basically, I've been slightly overweight for years, but at the end of 2008 I broke my ankle got depression, and the lbs piled on. I reached about 14 st 7lb. I was probably more but I didn't weigh myself. I was introduced to weight watchers by a friend and it worked wonders for me.I lost 36 lbs in 7 months! Still not in the healthy range, but amazing for me. Anyway, I stopped going but managed to keep the lbs off until I started getting stressed from uni in may last year and gained a lot of weight....which is when I found out I was pregnant! I weighed myself at the start of my pregnancy and I was just under 13 stone.

    I planned to breastfeed the lbs off, but unfortunately bfing didn't work out for us, so I'm having to do it the hard way. It's been disheartening so far, I've already been trying to lose weight and have been pretty healthy already, but these extra lbs just won't budge. So I'm trying to concentrate on just being healthier and fitter rather than expecting to lose weight...I might just have to weight for that one as my body doesn't want to atm :-/ I can still try though!

    If anyone wants to know anything else, let me know!
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    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    calorie counting
    hey! congrats on ya newborn!!
    and good luck on ya weight loss journey! i've just had baby, 3 month old now. god how time flies. been calorie countin n exercising and lost 2 1/2 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes, still got stone and half to loose. if i can do it so can you!
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    cambridge diet
    congrats! and good luck on your journey x
  5. nati_jade

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    OH WOW...that's absolutely amazing! I feel like such a slacker now, I've been moping around thinking that it's too early to lose much weight...but look at you! :O I hope I do as well as you! I'm finding it really hard so far though! :-/
  6. nati_jade

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    Thank you, i need it!! :rolleyes:
  7. nati_jade

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    I was so good today! Met my friend Laura in town and sooo wanted to get a nandos, and then a subway...just any food! Even though I knew I had a healthy bolognase waiting at home! But I was strong! So today I've had bran flakes (3 points), a salad with tuna (2 points) and extra light mayo (0.5) and a healthyish bol (9 points with pasta) and a pack of mints (2.5) So that's 17 points on a day I was reeeeally tempted (I'm allowed 22 btw). No time for real exercise as I was running all over uni trying to sort out going back next year but I did keep active today.
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