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Nat's food and fitness diary


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I have been here so many times before - always trying to convince myself that this time I will succeed.

Since January '09 I have been following either WW or SW and so far have lost nearly 1.5 stones. I have a history of making these promises to myself and not fulfilling them.

A prompt to start again in January was a change in my job, which meant that I would regularly need to go to court (and obviously look smart). I started WW and found out that they had scrapped the core plan and so had a go at the points system. It was great to be able to eat anything I wanted but this was often at the expense of proper meals.

I lasted about 5 weeks and then decided I wanted to change to something different. I had decided at the outset, that if I got bored with a diet I would change to a new one. This was to be my 'long-term strategy' rather than something else to feel a failure for.

My decision to go for SW was mainly based on class times (I have three kids, a full time job and a husband that doesn't get home until 8pm). I generally enjoy the meetings (sometimes they drag if everyone decides to stay) and have found the plan easy to manage. I love the fact that if I run out of time to pack a lunch I can pick up a jacket potato or sandwich at work and this doesn't blow my whole day.

I joined the gym a few weeks ago and have only just started to use it regularly. A factor in this is that the only times I can get there are the times when I just want to curl up in front of the TV with my husband. So, I have made an effort to make myself go 3-4 times a week and am actually really enjoying it! I want to be able to run and have just started couch to 5k programme (on week 2). Next step will be to sign up to a 5k race to give me somthing more concrete to aim for.
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Nat, you sound exactly like me, I chose SW because the class time fitted in with my daughter and my job! So glad I did though as it's definately the best diet I've done (and I've done the lot!) Well done on your weight loss so far, you're doing fantastically!


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Thanks Kat. I know what you mean - don't think a diet exists that I haven't tried! Well done on your loss too - you have done really well:D. Which plan do you follow, red/green/EE? Nat
Hi Nat,

I too love the fact that if I find myself unprepared I can grab something like a baked pot for lunch and know that I'm still on track.

Well done on your loss so far and Good Luck going forward :)


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Thanks Time4Action, and good luck to you too. Well done on your first week's loss - brilliant work! Nat


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Hi Nat, you've probably seen my diary by now, do EE usually but am trying red this week to see if it works any better for me. Everyone I know seems to do green because you can fill up on potatoes and pasta etc but that doesnt really do it for me, unless Im starving of course!


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Hi Nat, you've probably seen my diary by now, do EE usually but am trying red this week to see if it works any better for me. Everyone I know seems to do green because you can fill up on potatoes and pasta etc but that doesnt really do it for me, unless Im starving of course!
Thanks, yes I did check out your diary, be interesting to see if your loss differs on red won't it? How have you been finding it? Got lots of info about EE and I have given it a go today. Will let you know how I get on!:eek:


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Sunday 26 April

Well, I have a productive day today. We have shifted our dining room around and moved the PC up to our daughters bedroom. Decided to try EE as got lots of helpful info from everyone on minis and have really enjoyed it so far.


Bacon and scrambled eggs in frylight
homemade carrot soup with 3 finn crisp and 2 light laughing cow triangles
chicken paprika, brown basmati and veg
s/f jelly (1 syn)

Probably going to have a crunchie and a small glass of wine a bit later.

I went to the gym earlier and have to say I am very pleased with myself! I did 20 mins on cross trainer at a good level and then ran on the treadmill, 2 mins running followed by 1 min walking, for a total of 30 mins. The programme I am following says to go up to 3 mins and 1 min next time (Tuesday) so will have to see how I get on with that. Really enjoyed the challenge and feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Have planned to either swim or go for a 30min walk tomorrow evening and then back to the gym on Tuesday.
Ohhhh wd on the gym. I'm sure you will see the benefit of all that hard work in no time.

I STILL have to find a way to get some walking/cycling/swimming into my week.

With regards, to EE days, I've just had 2 EE days at the weekend and they worked out brill. I don't mind sticking to RED/GREEN during the week as it keeps me on track but having the option to have a few pots or rice/pasta at the weekends with meals means that my weekends are less restrictive.

Have a great day xx
Monday 27 April

Back to work today and I was on my own in the office which meant I got a bit lonely (poor old me;)). But...this didn't lead to any improper eating. I went well equipped with ham salad sandwiches, several pieces of fruit, I bought a Mullerlight from the restaurant and I also drank 1.5 litres of water.

I am going to the gym again this evening, this time with a friend. Planning on doing a good 20-30mins on the x-trainer and then lots of weights. Feeling very motivated to maintain my exercise regime, concious that I don't want to overdo things and put myself off:eek: and so far this strategy is working. I have been thinking about trying to find a 5k race to enter in a few months time. Our Race for Life takes place in June, which I think is a bit too soon.

I think the difference this time round with both my food and my fitness is that I am planning in advance for the things I find difficult, before they happen and take me by surprise.

Hubby and I have been taking the Berocca supplements for the last couple of days (you know the ones with the treadmill advert). Possibly TMI but we both commented today that our pee is really orange and smells orangey too!!
Anyway, need to go and get ready for the gym:cool:
Eeek! Have just agreed with sister to sign up for a 5k race in June/July and then a 10k in Sept/Oct. Can't even run one yet!

As planned, went to the gym last night and did 20 mins on x-trainer and then lots of free weights (upper body) and machines for lower body.

Back to the gym in a mo for my next running session. 30 mins in total, running for 2 then walking for 1. Managed it the other day and felt fab afterwards.

Eating is still on plan and looking forward to WI tomorrow evening.


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Well done on all that exercise Nat, thats great! And signing up for those runs - you're very brave! I fancy doing a 5km one but still need to build up my fitness first, it would have to be a race for life to raise money - think Id raise a fortune as no one would believe Id ever walk anywhere let alone run as Im always in my car!

The red went ok, but I still ended up eating practically what I eat on EE anyway as the portions were the same and I didnt eat all the HE's! I lost 3lb though, it's a pound more than last week but I was very good last week and I exercised as much as I could so that's probably where the extra pound came from. You doing ok with the diet? Im still finding it pretty easy really, especially because I dont really have to weigh anything and can still stuff myself with free food - hardly even have any syns!

Good luck for tonight!!!

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