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ProPoints Nat's food diary (Broox159)


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So i thought i'd get my food diary started ready for tomorrow. I'm going tonight to join WW for probably the 3rd time...I am determined to stick to it this time! I *think* i would like to lose about 3 stone....i am worried about what the scales will say tonight though! Anyway, wish me luck! :)
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Hello atleast you are choosing to make a change.. I am thinking about joining WW very soon, i feel i would benefit from the weekly weigh in's.. i did ww went it was the old core and discover plan.

good luck and i will pop by to see how you got on x


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So i went for my first WW meeting. I am to be on 31PP a day. Doesnt seem to bad. I'm now thinking/planning what meals i can have with the food that i have to hand!
Watch this space! :)
Hi darling here to follow ur diary :) xx


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1 banana = 0pp

1/4 pot of morrisosn eat smart houmous = 3pp
2 carrots = 0pp

SW tikka masala (i worked the points out using the recipe builder) = 13pp
1/2 medium naan bread = 6pp
3 tsp mintsauce mixed with yogurt and milk = 0pp

2 hard boiled eggs = 4pp
Pepsi Max = 0pp
Tea with 2 tsp sugar dash of milk = 1pp

Total PP used =27/31
Weekly allowance used = 0/49


Mushroom omlette

2 med eggs =
Mushrooms =
splash of milk =

Strawberry and Banana smoothie =


Morrisons eat smart tuna and past bake =


Wholewheat pasta = 5pp
WW mozarella and rocket pasta sauce = 3pp
Asda Parmesan shavings = 3pp

Total PP = 29/31
Weekly pp =
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Good stuff :) x


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Wed 1/06


Mushroom Omlette (2 eggs) = 4pp

Strawberry & banana smoothie =


Morrison's eat smart crustless quiche lorraine = 7pp

Salad with balsamic vinegar = 0pp

Oasis extra light peach and passionfruit = 0pp - its REALLY nice
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Omg!!!! I want that quiche!! Is that for whole one? Will be looking into that! Crustless is how I prefer! X
Omg!!!! I want that quiche!! Is that for whole one? Will be looking into that! Crustless is how I prefer! X
Yes! The morrisons eat smart crustless quiche is gorgeous! It used to be 4.5 points on the old plan, is now 7, but that is still good i guess if you have it with Salad or whatever...they do a cheese and onion one too but im not sure what the points are for that one!

thought i should add, its only small, but its enough!
Sounds good! I would probs have homemade chips? X
:) xx
So i have had a pretty bad end to my first week....havent tracked at all....:sigh: I went to my sisters birthday tea party yesterday and ate so much bread and cakes i didnt see the point! :rolleyes:

Anyway, i am back today to start afresh, i didnt have my weigh in yesterday as i wasnt home so i now have two weeks to make up for before my weigh in on Sunday!

Strawberry smoothie = 2pp
U can pull it bk! It's just one day :) x
I am SUCH a BAD Weight Watcherer (sp?). I havent been sticking to WW really at all over the last 2 weeks. I havent been able to go for a weigh in as every Sunday i have been stuck at either my parents or my boyfriends patents. I am DEFINATELY going to my weigh in on Sunday!! I dont know whats wrong with me....i start of with all the best intentions, and then my will power goes out the window.... :cry:I dont think it helps either that i dont have any spare £ to buy my food at the moment so my other half (we normally go halves on everything) is buying the food so i am not getting what i would normally want to in order to stick to the diet. Anyway, im sorry for rambling...i am going to go to my weigh in tomorrow...i probably wont have lost anything but it will hopefully give me the kick i need to start again properly! Thanks for reading! :(
I kno it's tough hun! But u can so it! Let us kno how WI goes xx
Thanks Carly! I will let you all know how weigh in is! x
Ok, so i havent posted here in AGES! I didnt stick to PP...i tried calorie counting...that went ok for about a week...i have put more weight on...:cry:
I am back today to start PP again and this time i am STICKING TO IT!! :whip:

So, here goes...


WW strawberry smootie - 2pp
2 eggs - 4 pp
2 red leicster and onion quorn sausages - 4pp


WW mexican chilli and wedges - 6pp
WW toffee yogurt - 1pp
Apple - 0pp
Plum - 0pp
Welcome bk to pp :) here to follow x

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