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Yeah, I've been rather averse to meat for years having followed a salad, beans, lentil, high carb diet and avoiding high fat foods, cheese and meat. I'll give that a go, thanks Laura.

Bit cheesed off that I've put on a lb - I've been exercising more, jogging but this diet should be easy with weightloss. Does anyone follow the lowcarb/cal version of Atkins?

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Sorry to hear you're struggling, Penny. Laura's advice sounds as sensible as ever to me, dont force yourself to eat anything if you don't feel like it, and make sure you're eating your fresh green veg allowance. You can find other ways to add fat to your diet, such as stir-frying your veggies or using an oil-based salad dressing.

The best thing I've found for nausea is ginger, I used to nibble ginger snap biscuits but since you can't have those maybe get some ginger tea, or just add grated fresh root ginger to your food. I've also been recommended peppermint tea as a natural way of alleviating nausea, but I didn't get on with the taste.

Feel better soon, love. x


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PennyJane, I am sorry you're not feeling very well & I know how you feel over the weight gain. Hang on in there & don't ask too much of yourself. You've had a wonderful loss before & you'll do it again.
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Aww, Penny poor love.. Big hugs huni. Bless you, you don't deserve to feel rubbish as you're doing so well. All great suggestions given so far though and i also reckon the fat to muscle thing is a defo idea as when i went back to training i was on cd so 600cals a day and i stopped losing weight. The tape measure was still showing losses though so make sure you measure yourself to confirm and if you're in ketosis you are probably still losing fat huni. Hope you soon feel better x
Thanks for your care and support yesterday guys!

Well today I feel marginally better despite a cracking headache, drinking more today I think!

I woke up this morning feeling thinner, and not just a little bit but a lot. I put on a pair of shorts which I'd not been able to wear before CD and have been just right on me over the last 6 weeks, this morning they are baggy! I think half the reason for me feeling so ill yesterday and the day before is because I am actually losing weight and my body is going, No this isn't right. As I said to Bren, I think it was Bren, I'm going cold turkey on the bars and that's what I've done. I think that has made a huge difference for me!

I've also been looking at 'yeast' problems associated with too much sugar. Dr. Atkins wrote that it can stall weight. I also noticed that after starting this diet I ended up with a nasty yeast problem, after reading what Dr. Atkins said, it seems that my body has been getting rid of that. It means also that I may have to give up my cheese, mushrooms and soy sauce as this can cause more yeast. It's amazing what our bodies can do!
I was glad to get to the bottom of this thread and read that you felt better and thinner!


Recovering chocoholic.
So you are losing inches honey, wow that's great! What a boost to your morale.

Were you still in ketosis when eating the Atkins bars? I know the wrapper says 2 carb on the front but it says an awful lot more on the back. The bumph I've read on it doesn't really explain it away for me.
I hope your headache soon goes.
This is not good. I've got a dodgy tum now and got pains all over my tummy and back, this is strange and wonder if I've got a virus or my body is not liking Atkins. A bit scary I have to admit.

Please, does anyone have any advice?


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Have a lay down Penny, with a bottle of water or a cup of tea and cream. Put a hot water bottle on the tummy and have a rest.

Congrats on the thin feeling and be careful as you sound like you might be getting sick.

As for the food i have a few ideas for you;
perhaps some yoghurt (it's allowed on vege low carb but I am trying to do Atkins for a while first religiously)
tuna and salad (avo, parmasean, olives, capsicum and mayo)
scrambled eggs (salmon and cheese) (I eat fish)
tofu and vege (turn it into a curry with spices, lemon juice and cream) oh and corriander, yum!
celery stick to snack on (vege low carb you may have peanut paste!)
I'm thinking of trying the carb bread with brie tomorrow too
mushroom soup with cream.

Hope that tummy sorts it's self out darl.

Apparently other half has dodgy tum, too. Do you think I am getting sick due to diet or sickness bug?? I'm taking multivits too.

OH thinks I'm doing too much as I have two part time jobs and studying plus kids, etc.


is going to loose!
Penny darling you just answered your own worries. You are perhaps a little run down and caught a slight virus.

Diet appears to be agreeing with you. And if OH is a little off it's more than likely the bug putting you off protein. Although the above suggestions of variety in your meals is probably a good idea before you get bored of Atkins.

I do hope you and OH feel better tomorrow, or later today. Rest up and take it easy.


Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Oh Penny, I really don't know what to recommend as I don't want to give you medical advice that might be wrong. All I can say is that I've never had tummy problems or any illness that I can directly attribute to low carbing, apart from the old occasional ketosis headaches. In fact when I'm on Atkins, I seem to feel healthier and be less susceptible to cold and flu bugs that are going around...

Could this be to do with coming off CD? From reading this board, I've noticed a lot of people switching from CD to Atkins seem to have tummy trouble...
Still feel rough. I have no energy, no appetite and the thought of food makes me feel rough though I could murder a bag of Revels. OH is OK now but did say his tum was dodgy this morning. My head feels really not with it, too.
Make sure you keep your fluids up missy.. try a nice brew/coffee ? R u able to take it easy tonight and rest up? I feel for you as i hate being poorly sick. I've got loads of things i really need to be getting on with but i just cannot be ar*ed atm. Might have a snooze if i can doze off and order in a chicken kebab minus the pitta for tea.
Hi - hope you are feeling better! Sounds like a yucky virus to me.

In response to your earlier question, I am following a calorie-controlled(ish) atkins - I am quite an eater and worried that I'll just consume too much if I don't keep an eye out. I'm not religiously counting at the mo, but probably will do after a few days. I read an interesting article that suggested that the 'metabolic advantage' from ketosis was about 300 cals per day, so I'm going to always try to stay within about 1300 and see what happens...

Hope you feel better soon x



is going to loose!
Penny I hope today when you get up you are feeling slightly better. Headache's were awful for me yesterday and this morning I awoke with slight one but it disappeared after breakfast.

Hooya there is a section in the revised book on Atkins about calorie limiting and that this doesnt work on Atkins very effectively as you need to consume high fat foods and not low fat one's. However looking at your ticker you probably are on maintenance are you??


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