Nauseous and Hungry Week 5-6


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Ive been sailing through until now, this week I keep coming over all nauseous. I dont know why, it can happen at any time of the day. And I feel awful:( (im not pregnant)

Am drinking over 4 litres of water a day, but this week Ive also been feeling really hungry, and tempted to stuff my face:eek: Ive had to go back to having the soup mix stuff ( I had it in week One) but havent needed it since.

Will this feeling pass or is this it from now on. I was doing so well:(

Hi Madwife

Sorry your going through a difficult week but at least you have had it good until now.

I would have thought it may have been the water but as you have been doing well with that, I am wondering if there is anything that may have thrown you out of ketosis. Have you eaten or drank anything different at all this week?

Also it could be tiredness, have you been working nights or especially long hours?

I am not a CDC one will probably post soon with some official info. but I would have thought it may be good to start an AAM week or to have an extra pack from time to time when you feel you need it. Also, if possible, to take things easier and have a pamper when you can.

You may be getting bored with certain flavours and so could maybe try some new ones from your CDC or split your packs up so you don't need to go so long between packs.

I'm rambling now but hope you can get to the bottom of this and things get easier for you soon.

Dizzy x
Hang on in there Sarah, Im not sure as to what advice to give but Ill gove a mod a shout and someone will be on to help soon x
Hi Sarah,
What week are you on babe if it is week 5 then you should be doing AAM.
Not a CDC so the only advice I can give is to split your packs,
are you cold?have more warm drinks
Have you done more at work home?try and take it easy get pleanty of sleep
I felt a bit yuck after a month or so and the advice I was given was to pamper myself and it did help,I had early nights and as much rest as poss.
How much weight have you lost?as your body has to kind of sort it self out.
Hope you feel better soon.
Hang in there!!! Some great advice already - have you had your AAM?
I would have one if you have missed it out. Try splitting your packs in half for a while and having them regularly through the day.
Could you have picked up a bug or something?

Hope you're feeling better soon. xxx
Hi All

No not doing AAM yet, think its because im trying to lose lots before i got to Florida at Xmas;) . I have just started a new job and it is extremely mentally and physically exhausting. Funny thing is when im there i rarely get my breakfast and lunch meals until 2.30 but am not at all hungry before that and manange fine.:confused:

I feel sick and hungry alot when im at home or out shopping, ive got 4 children under 12 so have a lot on my plate. Am constantly tired. Perhaps its just that Im doing more now than i have been for a couple of months and its caught up with me.:(

Ive lost 25lb in 5 weeks so weight loss has been great

I hope it passes
Hope it passes for you soon. I am sure it's just cos you are doing so much. Try and take it easy when you can.

Hugs. xxx
Hi Sarah

I am guessing that when you wrote the last post and realised what you are putting your body through you must have realised that it isn't really surprising that you aren't feeling quite so fab. Probably the excitement of the diet and weightloss, your holiday and your new job have kept you going the last few weeks and finally it is all catching up with you. I think you should try an AAM week it may slow your weightloss for one week but you would likely catch up the week after. Chances are if you carry on over doing it your weightloss will slow anyway. It must be hard with 4 children and such an exhausting job but you really do need to take care of yourself even more than ever now.

As I said I am not a CDC but I would think AAM, extra packs from time to time and also having a pack earlier in the day especially when working would help.

You have done so well to now especially with managing the water with all your commitments. If fact I don't know how you have managed I don't think I could have! So please be sure to look after yourself as much as you can.

Dizzy x
I agree with the others, sometimes us mothers do too much and need to slow down sometimes and let ourselves have me time, whether that be a soak in the bath or 10 minutes in a room on your own doing nothing.

I personally would do AAM week now, it wont effect your weight loss to a great effect and can help your body when it wants to plateau.
As for the hungry feeling, is it that you are really generally hungry or is it the social aspect of food that you are craving, espiecially if you have a larger family who are eating around you all the time. I know how difficult it can be as i myself have 5 children aged 9 and under and had to cook twice a day for them but add a meal allowed me to be part of meal times with them and stopped the craving for food when i really wasnt hungry but missed the social aspect.

If you are hungry you can try splitting your shakes or even allowing yourself an extra pack now and again when you are feeling you need to have food.

Well done on your weightloss to date and hope the next few days are alot easier for you

Super advice from everyone here sarah. It really does sound as though you are doing a bit too much at the moment so no wonder you're feeling under the weather

Do try AAM, it really shouldn't slow your weight loss down - quite the reverse for me as it actually always gave my system a good kick start.

Well done on your weight loss so far, you've done BRILLIANTLY :D :D :D
Hope you're taking this good advice, hun! Deffo do AAM - you really shouldn't miss it out! Have an extra pack if you need to, drink more water, split your packs, check you're still in ketosis (cos it does sound like you've been knocked out of it somehow).

Oh and REST!!!

None of us are Superwoman, doll! lol