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near disaster :(


Kewl as a penguins hoop!!
When to see Peter Kay last night at the MEN (he was awsome) anyway, was really proud of myself what with all the food smells and people walking past with food etc. Anyway when to the bar to get myself a bottle of water and my girlfriend a voddy & coke, anyway, out of pure habit, i took a sip of the voddy n coke as the glass was brimmerd and i didnt want to spill. Anyway it was the tiniest ammount, maybe 10ml but couldn't believe i did it - wasnt even thinkin. Luckily it was such a small amount im still in ketosis (checked with sticks before bed and again this morning)
Its funny how you do stuff without realising. Theres been a few times when ive gone to take a drink or pick something up that im not suppose to have lol
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Here we go again!
Lucky you seeing Peter Kay, I bet he was great.

I think these little habits like sipping drinks etc, is what we have to break. When cooking, nibbling bits here and there, these are things we need to break too. I think it's amazing what we do eat when we're not even thinking about it. Glad you had a good night and good luck with your weight loss journey.


Kewl as a penguins hoop!!
Thanks mini. Peter Kay was really good, hope he releases the dvd of this tour around xmas time, thatll deffo be on my santa wish list.
Funny though, seeing people eat n drink made me want some but through association - as i wasnt actually hungry, and my mouth has stopped watering at the thought or smell of food lol


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Don't worry about it! And nice one at the fact you could totally resist the food. I made myself walk past Gabbots Farm (yummy shop with cooked chicken etc smells) and totally resisted!

Did you find it ok at the MEN watching a comedian? I saw Russell Howard there a few months ago and it felt so strange being in such a massive arena watching one bloke on stage! He was very very funny though so I soon forgot about the other umpteen thousand people! x
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i know what you mean, kids wanted cheese on toast last night (i thought oh no as i seen it bubbling under the grill) as soon as i was putting it on the plate a BIG BLOB of melted cheese fell on my arm :eek:
I threw it off like it was a monster lol
Kids were on the floor laughing (had to tell them that it burnt me) THEN they left some on plate :eek::eek: i quickly threw it in the bin and had a glass of soda lol..

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