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Nearing Target weight, and starting to struggle!!


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Hi everyone, Somebody tell me im not the only one struggling as i near target weight!

Is anyone else in the same position and know of any good motivational tips?? The trouble is, now my weight is starting to level out (3.5 stone lost so far) im not losing much weight, which is making me start to slip. I cannot be anywhere near as lenient with my syns as i use to and to be honest at times im worried to use them at all! :sigh:
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I want to be fitter again
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Hiya and no you are not alone. if you care to read my previous posts I have been struggling to lose the last 5 lbs since November. In that time I had gains with only half day off plan in the week but mostly STS which tells me i either need to burn more calories or eat less. that is the point where my motivation or lack of it gets the better of me. Not sure what the answer is because if i cut back my free food such as fruit i get hungry and end up eating more and more trying to satisfy my need. I will watch this thread with interest. How much more have you got to lose? Are you into normal BMI yet ?
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I am completly with you, I have lost 4.5stone and wanted 7lb off. its incredibly difficult which knockas my confidence and motivation to keep trundeling on. (i think having mainatined for 9 months as this was my original target hasnt helped my mind set) but now i want more off it just isnt happening, i cant use the plan the same way i used to when i had more to loose (i.e syns) and as youv said, somtimes i am too scared to use them at all for fear of loosing control and not being able to stop!

We'v just gotta keep going, and eventually itl do what we want it to do! How much moe do you think you intend to lose? xxx


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Thanks to both for your words of encouragement! :)

I want to try and shift another 7lb, but to do this before my target date (12th June) would take alot of hard work, especially as my weight loss has slowed down so drastically.

When i first started the plan, normal weekly weight loss would be around 4lb and I was delighted! but now only losing 1lb a week (if any at all sometimes) makes me feel like im failing, and I know from experience that this is when diets are most likely to fail.

I suppose i need to dig out some old photos (before weight loss)... Thats bound to give me a kick up the rear!:eek:... sounds like a plan!!


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
I would sacrifice anything to lose a pound a week as I'm averaging now half a pound a month !!! Keep going doing the same all the time you are having such consistent losses xxx


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FernXx i have been reading through your diary as i dont have that much to lose (well over a stone minimum) for ideas of how much i can eat etc and i have to say you are very inspirational and look like a diffrent person, although i think you looked beautiful anyway.
Was it hard getting to goal? How much did you lose each week on average?


Alomst there :)
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I was lucky as I never struggled as I neared target. But, you are still losing, ok so it may take you longer than you want to get there but all the time you are losing you are getting closer.

The thing you have to remember is that to maintain your target weight you will still need to follow the plan, you need to be eating like this all the time you want to stick at your target weight. There is no magical switch that lets you be able to eat what you want when you get there, you will still need to very much be in the slimming world frame of mind. Maintaining is just as hard as dieting without all the glory of losing weight!

Sorry, that's probably not much help!! xx


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Actually that does help, it makes perfect sense, thanks! :)

I know what you mean about sticking to the plan afterwards as ive dieted and failed in the past, But im hoping this time I can get to target weight, (maybe a bit less incase a change in diet will affect my weight) and live a healthy lifestyle by having a high fibre breakfast, eating fresh and healthy food and get plenty of exercise, hopefully that will work??

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