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Nearing the end.. but finding it harder??


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hey guys, hope you're all well! :)

Well i came back from holiday on saturday.. managed to stay on LT for 2 weeks in Tenerife which i found very hard cos my mum and dad had a meal out every night!! but i stayed in the apartment and they came back for me then we all went to the bars for the entertainment together and i stuck to fizzy water :) Came back and got weighed and lost 4lbs - was hoping for slightly more but probably because i suffered on the diet more than usual while i was away so was hoping for a big loss to make me feel good!! there's always next week though ;)

I only have 3 weeks left now before i refeed, but because i can see the end i can't stop thinking about food and am coming VERY close to picking to bits of things in the fridge.. particularly prawns? i was wondering if anyone else found this when they were nearing refeed? any advice? i really want to stick to it cos i know that 3 weeks could make a very big difference!!
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in a word, yes!

11st has always been a plateau weight for me and I am nearly there now. Plus I have 4 weeks on TFR before re-feed. This weekend has been a nightmare (I hate weekends) but I know, like you, sticking to it for the next 4 weeks will be so worth it!!!!!!!!!! TOTM due this week and I dont think thats helping me much!! I have huge salt cravings and could sit and eat a tin of anchovies... This happened last time I did LT and I caved at the end of week 3 (TOTM!!!)... past that now as I had TOTM in week 1 but really think thats why this is so much harder for women......................sorry lads, just jealous of your losses!!!


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wow fair play to you sticking to it on holidays i decided to do lt when i knew i had no functions or holidays! well done u!, i prob sound silly here but whats tfr?


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Hiya, No I didnt

But I can understand why, the object of food is playing on your mind after such a length of time without it, its only natural that you will be anticipating it... I would stick it out chick :) xx


Here we go again!
I was the same natters. The last 2 weeks have been really hard for me. Really wanted to eat. I started refeeding on saturday and was so glad I stuck it out. I think, like you said, it's because you know you will be having food soon that it really starts to play on your mind and its all you can think about!

Do try and stick with it for these last 3 weeks though, you know it will be so worth it. It could mean nearly another stone gone if you do. Good luck and stay strong.


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Hey natters. WOW fairplay to you for sticking to it on holidays, You deserve a medal for that one! Stay strong and try to resist your doing so well!! If you start picking your just going to make it harder in the long run as you'll be messing around with ketosis.I know its tough but hang in there hun!!xx

Im due my totm next monday, the day i get weighed, Im afraid it'll effect my weight loss next wk? I know its just temporary weight gain but it would be majorilly discouraging! :(
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I was the same

soon as it was getting close i was like constantly thinking about it and thinking well im nearly there so it wont hurt but resisted lol


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Hi Natters,
very well done to you for staying on LT whilst on hols. I know you said you lost 4lb and thought it should be more but I believe someone else had the same difficulty on hols and someone mentioned about heat and water retention so perhaps you may have a larger loss next week. You certainly deserve it after that. The next 3 weeks will fly by and then you can have the prawns. You have done the hardest bit by going on hols without eating, you know you can do this last stage. Well done again.

Hi Nicolas
TFR - is total food replacement, it took me a while to work it out at the start too.


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