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Nearly gave in!.....

Yesterday was sooo hard for me, I was hungry and craving everything. I stomped around all day, I think my TOTM didn't help matters. In the end I had a CD bar extra to my x3 shakes.

I just find the wkends so hard, I will keep busy today in the garden! I'm already feeling much better today and more positive

phew! glad I didn't give in :D
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congratulations for sticking with it!!

this might sound odd, but I've started to quite like those trickier moments as much as the easier times.. don't get me wrong.. I don't like the climbing-the-walls feeling that comes with it.. AT ALL! But.. when I'm feeling this stuff.. that's the only time I get a chance to look at what it's really about - cause as some wise bird had in their signiture: if hunger's not the problem, food's not the solution.. So I've started to try to sit comfortably with that odd sensation to find out what it's REALLY about.. obviously -if I can't/don't want to, then distraction's the key.. but sometimes it's about something more fixable in a long term way..
eg, I was home alone the other day, doing bits around the house, and I started to feel that climbing the walls feeling, that I used to resolve by eating.. (and kept finding myself back in the kitchen for no reason).. I checked my tummy.. no actual hunger pangs there.. I checked my energy levels and when I'd last had a CD.. yep.. blood sugar levels weren't the issue.. nope.. trouble was, I was feeling bored.. so it was the bordom factor I needed to do something about.. but hang on.. I was enjoying what I was doing, and was still feeling this way.. maybe it's not boredom at all.. then it struck me.. I was simply feeling in need of other people's company instead of being on my own.. so I invited a friend round, stuck on some music while I finished what I was doing.. and it really did make all the difference.. those climbing the walls feels went away.. for the time being..

anyway, that's plenty of waffle from me for one day!! :D Well done on not cracking when you were feeling it so strongly..

All the best!


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Well done for not giving up xoxox


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well done for not giving in hun!
Breaking those habitual eating patterns is half the battle...TOTM eating is so typical, but you got through that by making a wise food choice and thats super!



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i did that at weekend too had an extra bar had been out with my friends till 2.30am didn't drink...was the only sober one or get chips later however when i got home i needed something so had a cheeky wee cambridge bar. I think we are doing well considering...keep it up x x


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Well done for not giving in! I find weekends hard too. I have spent the afternoon clearing out my wardrobe to stop me opening the fridge :D


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Good for you fingersx for keeping on the straight and narrow. I do find TOTM a difficult few days.
I have 4 products a day as I really did not think I would manage on 3 (but I don't have the milk, ooh I am a rebel!)
Some days do seem to be hungrier ones than others.
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Wish i was as strong as you lol xxx


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Yes I agree, some company at the right moment can really help when you find yourself wandering into the kitchen.

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