Nearly there!!!


After having my first baby & putting on loads & LOADS of weight I've now lost over 3.5 stone with Lipotrim, have a BMI of 25.2, waist back to 32" & happiness levels have soared way up.

Only .8kg left to go since yesterday morning. I'm hoping to start re-feeding on Tuesday morning next.

I'll never take food for granted again & I'll consciously eat things from here on out.

I just want to say to anyone thinking about taking lipotrim that it's a fabulous diet, it's tough at times but my word what fantastic results! It's great motivation to see good results every week.

This is the first time posting on here. I just read posts before. I also want to say thank you to all you Ladies & Gents that kept me motivated since September, you're all great.

Tidy x
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S: 24st1lb C: 20st2lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 3st13lb(16.32%)
Aww super well done on your achievements so far. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G :) I hope you're real proud of yourself and continue 100% to the finish line which is just about there. Truly inspirational xx


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Well done Tidy, fantastic result!!!! How long did it take you? Am sure we'd all love to hear about your journey to inspire us.



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Well done xx


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well done,fantastic achievement, you should be really proud of yourself!!


I am proud of myself I suppose. It was tough sometimes mainly when about half way through I had to eat dinner with my in laws. I found that the worst, getting back to 100% after having a nice dinner. But I kept thinking of the end goal & got through it. That really took me 3 weeks to get over, not obviously the hunger side, that was fine, but psychological side, liking the habit of eating with people, the taste of food that kind of thing. Actually one thing that really helped was taking a picture of myself in the mirror every Tuesday without fail wearing the same clothes. it was amazing seeing the difference. So do that if you think that'd help & before long, in a few short weeks of determination the clothes you used to wear in the photo's won't be any good for the photo's anymore because they're far too big.

Oh please please please keep motivated, it's worth it, it really is. It's not about looking like a super model (believe me I'm far from a model!!!). We all want to reach the end goal & when we get there we'll feel so great on the inside, that's what really matters xxx

PS the odd nice comment from family & friends are great incentives too :)


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Very well done
I't great to here someone is at the end of their journey, happy and proud.
x x x


Sorry Josiejojojo I had to check out how long it took. When I start my re-feed I'll have completed 12 weeks.

Thanks everyone for the lovely messages. I was debating for ages whether to post my message at all because I know at any point someone is having a hard time with the diet & didn't want to appear like I'm saying how flippin great I am, this was just purely posted in the hope it'll get someone through a hard day.

Again thanks everyone, you are all fab x