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Need a bit of a talking to, and lunch help please!

hiya :)

Please can you lovely people help me out. I'm a repeat re-visitor to Slimming World, with attempts lasting from one morning to several months (with good results!) ... I'm scared I've got myself in a mental block with it all now and if I hit a hurdle, no matter how small, I seem to go off the rails and give up... To be fair, when I fell after months it was due losing my Dad so I'm not going to beat myself up on that one, BUT, I do need to get my arse into gear!!

I'm confident that once I've got a week or so under my belt I'll be ok to carry on for the long (very long!) term...

the hurdle I seem to hit is lunch!! I plan ahead to make sure I'm organised to commit to SW, and I'm quite happy with a choice of breakfasts with enough superfree in, and ditto dinners, but last week I made a batch of soup which gave me awful heartburn, made me feel sick, and that was me off the rails for the week. this week, I've got another batch of soup, and I don't like it!! I'm not throwing my toys (yet!) and doing my normal "oh, I don't like anything so might aswell eat crap", but I need to make sure this doesn't get the better of me.

So, in answer to my waffle, please can you give me any advice of a. how to get my head in to this and get past 1-2 weeks when it will slot into place more, and b. what can I have for lunches that gets my superfree when I'm not a fan of salads or seemingly soups?!

please help!:eek:

Mrs Hedgehog
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Have you signed up for a class? If not then I'd advise you going along to a Group and paying for 6 or 12 weeks in advance. It sounds like you may be doing it from home and that you could do with the discipline of a weekly Weigh-In and actually being accountable for what you eat! I'm a bit of a free spirit and normally HATE anything that resembles disciple/authority/regimentation but I do find the commitment to a public weekly weigh-in is keeping me on the straight and narrow!! :ashamed0005:

On the lunch issue, there's a great thread here asking people what they had for lunch so have a nosy through that for some inspiration. Also, you shouldn't eat stuff that makes you feel sick lol. If you like I will send you on a recipe for the most amazing vegetable soup EVER, you'll want to eat bowls of the stuff!

yes, I am doing it from home .... I do honestly feel I can do long term motivation if I get past first week or two... I did do class years ago but really didn't like the public weighing, even with the people at the desk knowing - it's a real mental thing for me :(

defo interested in recipes.... the one I'm not enjoying is a BNS one, and I think I probably got bored of it on SW before and my subconcious has remembered and doesn't want it! I can't eat peppers, but up for anything else - thank you!

I go home for lunches, so I'm pretty flexible :)

My yesterday meals was:
B: syn free pancakes (the squashed sweet omelettes lol) with strawberries and sweetened fat free frais
L: BNS soup, mash, SF jelly, fruit (not in same bowl haha!)
snack: 2 Ryvita fruity (HEB B), 30g choc philly, banana
D: honey & mustard chicken (Minimins recipe find, yum!), jacket potato and veg
HEA was milk in coffees. Also had about 1.5L sparkly NAS Ribena

thanks :)


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yes, I am doing it from home .... I do honestly feel I can do long term motivation if I get past first week or two... I did do class years ago but really didn't like the public weighing, even with the people at the desk knowing - it's a real mental thing for me :(

That's an understandable fear but I do think that for long-term success (especially when you have a history of stopping and starting) it could really work. I was genuinely dreading my first weigh-in, I didn't like the public aspect to it as I was so ashamed of the figure on the scales BUT I'm so glad I went.

I think the first step on the road to addressing an addiction or issue is admission and I knew I didn't get to sixteen stone from eating sensibly. I had to admit that while I adore food I also have a problem with it. Actually getting up off my ample arse and going to a class and being publicly accountable is good. You don't feel ashamed, people there are in the same boat but there is no place to run and hide. If you've a bad day/weekend you still have to get to your weekly Weigh-In and face the scales. Rather than doing it from home, having a bad day and throwing your hands up in the air and being defeated by it all.

Please think about joining a Group.


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Lettuce wraps! I have been a lurker on here for a while and have recently discovered these. I'm amazed I haven't read about them on here before. They're great because they're quick and easy to make and take to work in your lunchbox, just like a sandwich, and they're free! Honestly, they are really tasty and filling if you use a good amount of filling. I've experimented with various lettuces and iceberg is by far the best, fillings can be anything from tuna mayo (Hellmans extra light or the syn free mayo recipe), cold meat and salad, egg mayo, HE cheese and ham etc etc. Give them a go!

hollys nan

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Hi and a big welcome from me. You say you didnt like the BNS soup, to be honest I dont like it either, too sweet for me. What about chicken and sweetcorn, do you like that. I put the recipe on somewhere, but if you would like and you cant find it I will re type it for you. It tastes just like the one from the Chinese. You must have some superfree before your soup though if you dont like salad (I dont) I have a bowl of fruit or large slice of melon to fill your tum a little. You have to do this with this soup as there is no superfree in it. Please think about joining a group like others have said, once you have got over the initial joining I am sure if you have a good consultant then you will do well. He/she should be welcoming and supportive and I really feel its the way to go. Wishing you every success, and just keep bobbing on here for support. :)