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Need a break?


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Never in my life have I felt as ill as I have for the last 2 weeks. Blood tests tomorrow.

Have had a bad weekend. Between bouts of queasiness have not managed my 3 packs or 2L of water.

Yesterday I had a soup in the morning and that was all. Maybe 2 pints of fluids. I just couldnt stomach ANYTHING.

I felt so ill on Saturday I even had a sandwhich - thinking it would take me of out ketosis and make me feel better. Still felt sick and according to my ketosticks still fat burning?!

Am not against coming of SS and going onto a different plan for a bit - my problem is I cant face ANY kind of food (well the only thing I did feel I could eat was porridge, but not done so yet)

Not sure if this is all tied in with TOTM? When I started SS, like so many on here - flew into a blind panic when it was late. I have now been bleeding (sorry TMI) but very HEAVY for 3 weeks now.

If there was ANY food I fancied I would have no hesitation in eating it just to get something in me at the moment - but there is nothing I can face.

My CDC supposed to be coming this week, but think I am going to put her off for another 2 weeks until I get myself sorted.

Cant believe after all this time I feel like this now.


Ps. What would be the best and quickest way to come OUT of Ketosis for a break?
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The way to come out of Ketosis is to put some carbs in your body hun, but do it gently, if you are run down and feel a bit ill then you dont want to overface with food.
Oh Tracy

Im sorry you are feeling so poorly. Not being able to eat or drink must be awful. You need to be careful or you will end up in hospital on a drip to rehydrate you. The heavy bleeding doesnt sound good either.

I know you went to the docs last week but if you are not managing to eat or drink anything you should perhaps go again. They might be able to give you something to stop the sickness so that you are able to eat.

Perhaps try some dry biscuits like rich tea. Even if you can only manage a bite at a time you might be able to get half a dozen or so down you during the course of the day.

You have done so well on the diet, and when you first posted last week about your illness I thought it was just your body catching up with that enormous 5 stone loss in 10 weeks, but it now sounds a lot more serious than that.

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