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Need a CD buddy! SOUL SOURCE

Hey all! So I didnt know were to post this ..

So I am on day 3 of soul source were you just do 3 shakes a day!

Weight: 15 stones 12 lbs
Goal weight: not sure yet!
Any side effects: Headaches shakey hands and feeling abit tired and irratable!

I have been doing this 3 days and i find it abit dificult sometimes! especialy when im so busy at work lots of walking around!
I am trying to loose the weight to hopefuly try and increase my chances of concieving as me and my husband have been trying for alittle while now!

I think it would be good to have some motivation! and we can encourage each other! I am hoping to continue the diet for 2 weeks! but i need to get passed the first week first! i dont like the shakes very much but choclate is okay.

What are all your fav flavours?
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My name is Mandy and im on day 5, im finding it really hard to stick with, im constantly hungry, feel cold all the time and quite miserable but people say this will pass if i give it time.

Im having the soups and shakes, the butterscotch is really nice but im a bit bored of the soup already, we are on hols next week so its gonna be so hard, this is the most difficult diet i have ever done, what about you?
Hiya I am tuba I am ready to e ur cd body I am starting tomarrow and I need to loose 22lbs in few weeks...i think if u put ur mind in to it you can be ready...I just really wanna be 22 lb lighter to feel better and to be better....
Hey! I've been abit miserable too! Why do you think your miserable? And I just got weighed by my consulted I have lost 6lbs! In 4days!!! And inches of bust hips arms and thighs woo! How r u ladys doing? Any weigh ins?

I am also entering day four of sole source today.

Felt horrible on Tuesday but much better yesterday apart from feeling cold, ended up sitting on the sofa wrapped in a fleece!

I am aiming to lose 28 kilo's initially on Sole Sorce then will swap to SS+ to move the final 10 kgs....well thats the plan:p

My Favourite's so far are the cappachino (I throw in a double expresso and lots of ice and make it into a Frappachino), the Butterscotch again lots of ice to make a thick shake then add a pinch of cinnamon on top and the Chili soup with added chili on top.

Just wish I could stop waking up in the middle of the night to Pee:D

My first weigh in is on monday so fingers crossed
Hey! Wow ur realy customizing those shakes! Lol I didn't wanna add anything additional like sweetener cofee etc so I'm sure how many calories are going in my body! I'm not sure what kilos is in lbs. But on day 4 I had lost 6lbs and 7 inches alltogether now on day 5 how u feeling x

Day four now and feeling fine, been down to the horses had a riding lesson on my friends who is a real weight carrier thank god:D mucked out two and groomed mine.

Really glad I am not feeling totally washed out as I would still need to do all this feeling bleah!

I am doing this in Holland so coffee is allowed (black and no sugar) I think there would be a riot if they said no coffee here lol, so rather than drinking a cup I sling it into my shake, also my CDC said things like spices, garum Masala, and fresh herbs as long as a small amount were fine to add....we shall see.

Not weighed myself as I want to wait till monday and weigh at CDC as no doubt my scales will differ to hers and I don;t want to set myself up for a disappointment....but I feel so much lighter already and my stomach is no longer sticking out so much. But my god I am peeing like the proverbial racehorse:eek:

So far so good:D


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I find the need to add spices to the packs as well. Cinnamon is definitely a friend, with the added bonus of helping to stabilise hormones : )
im only doing shakes but havent added anything im now in day 6 but i am hungry and so tempted to eat! i thought id be feeling good by now lol, and i bet your shakes and stuff tastegreat! i should have got a mix of soups and porridge and shakes but i didnt think id like the soup or porridge but now im getting bored of the flavours
Hi, i'm new to his too and finally at the end of day 3. Been feeling tired and hungry too, but trying to keep a positive attitude!! I'm trying all of the soups, haven't found one I don't like yet, which is good! Hated the porridges, really didn't like the texture, so will be swapping those! I'm really hoping that day 4 gets will be the start of it getting easier. When do you all weigh in? My weigh day is Tuesday, fingers crossed!! X
Well here I am on day Day six of SS!

I feel sooooooo cold and am now spending every evening wrapped up in a fleece...so glad I am not doing this diet in the winter:eek:

I find that I start to feel hungry but mostly if I have a good glug of water it goes away, my CDC says that so often we mistake thirst for hunger.

The one thing I do find I really need is something hot either a coffee or herbal tea as my body does not seem to equate cold shakes with food but once I chase them down with a cup of something hot then I am fine.

I actually did not have to get up in the middle of the night last night to pee:D

My first weigh in is tomorrow so fingers crossed.
Good luck at WI tomorrow. I know what you mean about needing something warm, have you tried making a choc shake with hot water for a nice hot chocolate? It seems to help x


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I find the 'hot' chocolate wonderful of an evening. Definitely helps me wind down and sleep better.
I love it too, warming on a not so summery evening. Had my first weigh in last night and lost 9lbs, so really chuffed with that. Sticking with it and hoping for a few more lbs off this week x x

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