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Need a hand - I keep falling off


On a mission for boobs!
Ok, so I'm rubbish at sticking to diets. I did atkins last year and loved it, but it got abandoned for christmas, and now I'm back, I cant seem to lose weight at the same rate (which I expected) and I get bored and end up eating carbs.

Would it be ok for me to go onto owl, or should I try and force myself into 2 weeks of strict induction first?

I struggle with breakfast so I end up having an atkins bar, which I'm sure slows my losses, but I'm stuck for another on the go breakfast idea (and by on the go, something I can eat at my desk at work that does involve being reheated or something that will stink the place out!).

I'm just rubbish at sticking to stuff. I really want some fruit. Want oopsie crepes with fresh cream and some raspberries!

I'm just a bit stuck and not sure where to go from here.
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Bye bye bellies!!!
Hi Clare
Im new here and have only been doing Atkins since Monday but like you I find it hard to stick to diets and I get easily bored. I must have tried every diet under the sun and Low Carb is the only one that I can stick to with any real success. The only thing I find is that the more you mess about with it the harder it is. I think that everyone needs to tweek their diet to suit them. I am allowing myself more carbs each day (25-35) because it helps me stick to it and eat normally. I have eggs and one slice of weighwatchers wholemeal bread for breakfast (7.8g carb) and scrambled eggs takes a minute or I boil eggs while im in the shower. What about a smoothie for breakfast or a chocolate MIM? Soy latte's from Starbucks are great too. Im in ketosis so its going well, I will let you know on Monday if I have lost anything?

Hope it gets better.
Andi x


Clean green leafy machine
FYI Starbucks use only sweetened soya milk - try and find somewhere that uses unsweetened :)


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Hey Claire xx

I'd say have 3 days strict induction, which should get you through ketosis quicker, then go into owl. Technically I do a little bit of owl myself in that I allow myself nuts (occasionally) and have had strawberries twice.

It's much better IMO to have a bit of those rather than relying on the bars. Be sure to count them though - 100g strawbs is about 12g carbs. With raspberries you get more berry for your buck. And get small packs of nuts so you don't overeat them.

Rhubarb is great and you can have it on induction. 100g is 4.8g carbs. Put it on a pan with a little water and a few sweetener tablets and stew it down. So sweet and fruity and refreshing. Whip with some cream when cold for rhubarb fool and I bet you could take it in a small pot to work.


On a mission for boobs!
Rhubarb is one thing I just cant stomach. Apparently I used to gorge myself on it as a child - dipped in sugar! lol! So that probably explains my dislike of it now.

Might substitute my breakie bars for a handful of walnuts or something and see how that goes. Maybe some soya yoghurt or something - if I could only find small pots of the damn stuff to take to work! lol!
i have been having the odd cheese and bacon turnover and good the rest of the day and still managing to stay in ketosis ............ BUT rubbish day to day ............ 2hrs of tennis followed by pasty and a cake ........................ holds head in shame ......... good advice from rose bug ...3 days ind xx


On a mission for boobs!
Hmm.... I do like the ones from the chippy on occasions, but not sure if I could stomach egg for breakie.

I'm so fussy! :p


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Lettuce wraps? Cream cheese and maybe a little chicken on a leaf, rolled up. Or sweet cream cheese, whipped with splenda and maybe a little sugar free lemon jelly to be cheesecakey?


Clean green leafy machine
You can make a pretend cheesecake base from golden linseed and butter - and I add the sugar free maple syrup from the Low Carb Megastore - add some lime juice and lime zest to the cream cheese and ta da, key lime cheesecake mmmm


On a mission for boobs!
I made pretend cheesecake yesterday with no base. Have no linseed in, contemplated using almond flour, but dont really like the base made with that - its a bit smoothe for my liking! But might try the linseed next time :)

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