Need a kick up the bum!!!


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Have you tried reading the '50 reasons to lose weight' sticky thread at the top of the forum?

I printed mine out so when I feel low, I can look at the list and see all the reasons why I want to do Cambridge and why I want to lose the weight, visualise the end success in your head - it should give you all the motivation you need :)


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hiya jenny.

first of all stop stressing out. we all know how hard it is sometimes so you have loads of support here on this forum.
Go stand naked infront of ur mirror.
take a long look at ur self and ask do you
want to be healthier this time.
really look at ur self, think of the positive
changes you want to make. visualise urself thinner and happier. remember to take to day by and and dont think of it as a diet, its a change in life style.
good luck tomorrow and stay strong.
remember you are in control of what you
eat and how you feel. food does not define your emotions. you know you can do this. when your feeling weak or low get online and talk it out.
good luck.


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Hi Jenny, how is your day going so far?? are you sticking to it? x


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Hiya decided to start tomorrow, cos then it's 8 weeks till I go away. Hopefully will b able to stick to it but from past experience I am doubting myself again. Hope your day is going good x