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Discussion in 'Exante' started by lunavix, 17 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    Ive restarted exante on and off over the last two months, but always given up a few days in telling myself pretty much any diet I can eat solid food will do the trick! Then I don't stick to that either :(

    I'm getting married in May and haven't ordered a dress or anything because I'm unhappy with what I weigh. I think I have a stone and a half to lose.

    Starting this morning (for the last time!) wish me luck please xx
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  3. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    According to my scales I'm 10 stone 13.4 (they are rather variable too).
  4. mrsbroadside

    mrsbroadside Full Member

    I'm getting married in April and keep having false starts, but you have an extra month to get started. This diet really really works when you stick to it, I've thought about eating 600cal worth of solid food instead, but if we did that we wouldn't be on this forum in the first place! We obviously all enjoy food too much.

    Set yourself mini goals and get through the first week and I promise that you will lose enough to encourage you to go dress shopping.

    My dress is still too snug so I'm continuing, but I've lost 1st 2lbs since January and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon.

    Good luck!!!
  5. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Get past the first few days, then it is MUCH easier :)

    Stopping and starting just prolongs the agony

    Start a diary - good to be accountable to yourself

    Use the fantastic support here - it is invaluable :D
  6. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Ok consider yourself kicked! :) You can do this, just decide that today is the day you're starting and forget about what's gone before. You've got 3 months and if you stick to the diet you could lose over 2 stone by then, but every day you don't start is a days weight you don't lose or even worse a day you gain xx
  7. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    Mrsbroadside - how did you pick a dress size? Good luck for your big day :)

    So day one didn't happen... My blender broke! I then spent the day in deep guilt wondering if I was making excuses again, but I've tried making the shakes before without one and it was beyond horrific. So last night I went out and got a new blender and today is the day.

    I've had my chocolate shake, got a bottle of water to keep me going for the morning, and planned a dinner I wouldn't eat for the family as I realised the temptation of good dinners in the first few days was a problem previously... So making sure I cook the things I hate!

    We've booked a spectacular photographer and I don't want to hate our photos. So my new thinner self begins today :D I'm going to try to check in again after lunch and this evening, to keep myself accountable as I will fall flat otherwise. Need to find some weighing scales to use (like they used to have in pharmacies) else might need to keep my weightwatchers membership active just to get weighed.

    Have a fab morning everyone!!
  8. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    So, I've had a toffee nut bar for lunch. Earlier than I'd like but my stomach was rumbling and I didn't want to risk falling off the wagon. Early night for me tonight I think!
  9. mrsbroadside

    mrsbroadside Full Member

    Hi, I chose my dress simply by trying lots on! But because I've been married before I had a fixed size in mind. Last time I wore a size 16, and this time it had to be a 14. Silly I know, but it was important to me. Luckily in October when I tried it on, it was the 14 they were using on me. I had to sign a waiver to say that even though the dress was snug when I tried it on, that I would still be ordering a size 14. They must have trouble with that!

    I'm just looking forward to seeing how close I am now. I know there is a lining which is what is tight, but out of principle, I don't want anything altering out!

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