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Need a little advice pls??

Hello ladies, sorry havnt been on past few days, a while ago i torn the ligaments in my ankle and ive gone over on it again so in alot of pain :cry: safe 2 say ive ate aload of crap this weekend feeling sorry 4 myself :sigh:

But thank god ive stayed the same weight, not puttin any on!

Anyway my 30 min a day routine has gone out the window now, im going away in 3 weeks and im hoping and praying its better by then :confused:

Just wondering if u think i'll still beable to still loose weight just eatin healthy with no exercise? I really hope so... xxx
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I'm sure you will I'm disabled I have a knee disability and can only do limited low impact stuff and some days none at all depending on my pain levels and I lose most weeks even if it is only 1lb,before I had my knee replaced I could do no exercise at all and I lost 3 stone gradually.

Can you do any exercise?Slow walking?Or there is some seated aerobics that I do that are quite good.

Good luck hun you can do it xxx
Of course you can still loose weight. Eating healthily is the most important aspect of loosing weight, so I look at exercise as a bonus.
I know someone who is so disabled they find it hard to walk let alone exercise, and she has lost over 3 stone steadily and healthily. Sometimes I have a week when I don't exercise, and I still loose. Don't be disheartned, you can do it. :)
please dont let this put you off!

i lost five stone through calorie counting and i didnt do any excercise other than the usual daily stuff like walking round the super market or doing a bit of house work....

its only recently i signed up with the gym because i want to tone up...

i have every faith in your success without the usual excercise!

good luck xxx
I'm a lazy bum, truly am! I've still managed to lose weight by not exercising. In fact, I went through a phase of a few weeks where I did exercersie but couldn't hack it, didn't lose any weight but I guess I toned up. You can do it!!!
I agree with the others it's entirely possible to achieve a very respectable loss with diet only. I haven't been able to do my usual exercise lately due to knee and hip injuries but I have still lost plenty of weight. Good luck!
Awww thankyou ladies, feel much better now :)
I've finally joined mfp today, how does it work!!?? xxx
Ohhh yeah got it now :D Thanks! Do i add people? xx
same as here, stef2009 x
Ok so 2 days later with no exercise ive lost nothing :mad:

I hope i loose by monday :(
Thanks hun, i hope mine does too :\ xx
Well im just temporarily not exericing as ive gone over on my weak foot where i tore my ligaments so im hoping the weight will still come off, especially with going on hol in 3 weeks :| xx

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