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Need a rant about food.

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This is going to sound really ungreatful..

BUT, its different when you eat out, you can hardly go and stand over the chefs shoulder and tell him not to use his olive oil etc, but today we went to Oh's brothers for tea, and his finacee had rang me yesterday and asked if there was anything i couldnt eat etc. We agreed on Chicken and pots..

now to me, knowing that someone on a diet, would have been chicken.. with new pots, and veg etc, with maybe a slight selection for others.

.. well the chicken was wrapped it full fat, non-trimmed smoked bacon, ..and the potatoes, were roasted in oil to within an inch of thier life, which tasted gorgeous..

but sometimes i think people just dont understand..

its not just this, i think im getting frustrated because im so close to target, but its like everyone thinks now iv practically lost all my weight, i can go back to eating how i did.. my family munhced on a maccy d's infront of me 3 days ago, O/H went out and bought home himself a take-away curry whilst i slaved over a oven making my own tea, whilst not feeling well.. and i think this irratates me most, my younger sister keeps nicking my muller yogs, so iv had to resort to buying shape yogs as she doesnt like the flavour, i cant buy bacon without it being used, and my brother keeps eating my cereal bars and all the eggs..

They all know that i ahve finals this sunday, and its like :O comeon.. i need some support! .. and its making me not want to eat out or round peoples houses atm.. i cant afford to waste syns on potatoes that im not even fussed about!
Im starting to get a bit fed up, and without you lot .. i dunno what i'd do.

does anyone else feel like no-one really appriciates how difficult it can be?

or am i just being rediculously ungrateful for people inviting me round for tea etc?

:( xxxx
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Minimins is the best!
awww fern
totally understand how you feel!
the thing is even when we get to target (and you are so close-well done you!) we are always going to have to be really careful with what we eat so we dont just pile it all on again - what a waste that would be!
i dont think people understand sometimes!!
and with what happened at the meal the other night - i probably wouldnt have eaten it - or just disected it to pieces!! but then that might be classed as rude! but i dont care! me and my body is far more important at the moment!!
i think we all go through bad times in our weight loss journeys, and youve probably just hit one...stick to it fern, look back as some before pics to make u see just how far youve come and how fantastic you look and the food will fade into insignificance...because it is only FOOD after all.....
chin up hun xxx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks hun. I feel so bloody rediclous being like this over food.. and even worse because im always so quick to tell people to relax and not fret.. but im feeling quite alone with it all if im honest atm.. Mini's is like my little haven of like-minded people who understand my irrational fears with non-trimmed bacon!
I just feel like i tried so hard this week to keep my momentum going after my great loss last week.. but between my horrible expierance at the siwmming pool sunday (which iv written about in my w.l diary) .. and the greasy meal at weston super mud, and then today..
i just feel like its all going a bit tits up and i dont really know hwat im doing!
i know im all 6's and 7's atm cause my driving test is friday, the national finals for young slimmer of the year is sunday.. and my new tattoo to celebrate my weightloss is on the 17th.. plus joes brother is getting married on the 22nd.. so im a bit all over the place..

But still. Why do people cook with so much oil and fat.

:( grr. I can see im going to restricted to my own kitchen forever LOL
i know im being silly, iv eaten out almost twice a week throughout my whole weight loss journey, but its easier to swap your chips for spud in a resteraunt LOL
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i know how you feel my gran does the same thing, no matter on what you agree on, there is bound to be something in there that she has added in at the last minute which is calorie laden such as cheese sauce

sometimes i think she is trying to sabbotage my diet when im having a bad day but now i just dont go round for tea anymore unless my granda is cooking

not that im saying you avoid other peoples houses at all lol


Minimins is the best!
aw hun, i wasnt trying to make you feel silly...im the worlds worst at over analysing food, and pulling it apart, and saying to people "god do you know how many syns are in that??!!"
how annoying i must be! lol
blimey hun you have got a lot going on at the moment havent you!! you have every right to be a bit emotional!!!!
young slimmer of the year is such a great thing!!! well done you!!! you must be so proud!!
i have been over emotional too...i went off on one on saturday cause my nan (who has been fantastic bless her) said "look at you picking, thats your downfall!!" as i ate one chip off my bros plate - she was joking and says how well im doing all the time - i knew she was joking too..but i started crying and said i was gonna go and throw it up to make her happy..she was so upset!!!! hpw irrational was that??!
so i think you are coping very well missus!!!
as for how other people cook - it winds me up too, cause ive never really eated that badly or cooked like that - and i was pushing 21 stone at my biggest!! scary huh!!! people think you must eat like a pig, but i never did!!!
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Come on Fern. chin up. The world is full of roast potatoes and Maccie D's, gorgeous deserts and wonderfull main meals you cann't hide from them forever and nor should you. You have to find the inner strength to be not bothered by the people or the food, let them have it they want but you don't need to feel guilty or upset if you leave meals that you don't want to eat. You are in control of you, nobody else and don't feel pressurised just because its friends or family. They should respect you as you would respect them in a similar situation so next time eat what you want and leave the rest without guilt. And as for other half, beat him sensless with a rolling pin, buy him a shed and make him eat his takeaways in it lol xx

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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I went to a birthday buffet, this weekend, and it was so Northern that there wasn't a scrap of fruit or veg anywhere on the table. I swear, most of the food seemed to have been carved out of lard. Ugh. I ate enough to be polite (mostly skin-off drumsticks) and drank Diet Coke (apart from 2 glasses of wine, lol).

You're right in thinking that people are ignorant and that somehow they seem to want to sabotage any dieters...But we just have to rise above it. Sometimes by eating up and smiling (after all, variety is the spice of life), sometimes by politely leaving something (or most of it). Don't be frightened to go out...You're too young to be tied down like that.

You've mentioned being lonely, or feeling alone, more than once. I get like that (I've been all kinds of weights over the years)...I feel that "Fat Me" doesn't look nice but "Thin Me" is a bit of a fraud (a fat girl in a thin girl's body). It's a problem.

Try to remember that even when you reach target, you'll still belong here. You'll be able to give advice, you'll be an inspiration to others. And most women are on some kind of weight related mission, whether they admit it or not, so you couldn't fit in more with society if you tried! You're lucky, you've picked a diet plan that is almost normal eating...You'll be OK.

Whatever you weight, whatever title you win (or not), you are a normal girl (woman) of your age who "watches her weight". *hug* You are far from alone.


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Oh Fern!:hug99: I think that it's nerves taking over about YSOTY! (And wouldn't we all be the same!) I bet normally you'd have looked at the chicken and thought I'll just switch to EE and then have a couple of the potatoes. At the moment your world is upside down, so cut yourself some slack, plan as well as you can for the rest of the week and then enjoy your night in the limelight! All the other contestants will be knocking at the knees too and you can all share stories and I bet they all feel just the same! When you get it out of the way, even if you've put anything on, then you can relax and go back to doing what you do so well! Losing weight! Remember, temptation will always be there, and just sometimes it's good to give in gracefully and get back to basics afterwards. It's good practice for when you get to goal.


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I am well known throughout my family as a fussy eater who has never eaten fat on bacon etc so thankfully people are used to me pulling food apart.
Sometimes people don't realise what they have done is unhealthy like cooking the potatoes in oil there is a lot of talk about healthy oils and stuff ATM so maybe they thought it was good. I know that if I was having people round to dinner I would have to sacrifice some syns to olive oil just for the taste.
Good luck with all your things and keep positive.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone. You all make such sence..
Iv had a good nights sleep now and i think your right judimac.. its proberly the YSOTY thing.. its thrown me a bit. . i think ( and this sounds like a rather pathetic reason) But, i booked my driving test 8 weeks ago, and now.. its this friday.. and it seems to have come so fast, and then when i concentrate on that, and then i suddenly remember saturday i'l be on my way to derbyshire with my consultant and the competetion is on the sunday i feel like i have hardley any time to breathe! iv just gotta stay calm and keep doing things as i usually would. . and to be honest i proberly wouldnt have been AS bothered about it any other time, Wi's tomorrow, so not much i can do now, i know iv been good every otherday of the week.. sundays roast in weston and yesterday's dinner round OH's brothers just threw me out .. i hate not knowing syn values of things! :( lol i'l just weigh in and see how i go.. and update you all of corse.. and il proberly do another 3 mile walk and be extra good right up untill sunday, so i dont look like a muppet and gain weight LOL .. tbh, all the stressings proberly shifted a lb haha

thanks again everyone..



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Aw Fern, glad to see you're feeling a bit better today. It's so easy to get stressed adn you've got a lot going on so don't beat yourself up. Maybe you need some rescue remedy to get you through the next few days (I'm never sure if it really works or if it's just the fact you're taking it calms you down!).

I sometimes think other people love to test us 'dieters' just to prove how weak we are and that we'll never change. Sometimes we are strong enough to face the challenge head on, other times we just roll over and admit defeat...you've obviously been VERY strong to get as far as you have, yesterday was just a bad 'un so keep going x
I agree with what everyone else has said, I have had this so many times and got so mad about having to waste my syns on things I never wanted in the first place, its amazing what some people think is healthy. I always look out for your posts as you always have good advice and are such an inspiration to people starting out like me!

Good luck with everything you have coming up, it sounds like you really have a lot going on at the minute! I'll be keeping an eye out to see how it all goes! x


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Fern, after seeing your photos I have no doubt you'll be fabulous on Sunday. They'll have to be something special to look as good as you and achieve what you've achieved.

I went to a birthday buffet, this weekend, and it was so Northern that there wasn't a scrap of fruit or veg anywhere on the table. I swear, most of the food seemed to have been carved out of lard. Ugh.
I'm sorry, but as a Geordie, what exactly is that meant to mean? All the buffets I've been to in Newcastle and around that area have had salad on them as a matter of course. We eat just as healthily (or should that be unhealthily?) in the north as they do in the south.

I think the trouble for slimmers is that naturally thin people see a buffet/meal out etc as a treat and can indulge knowing fine well they'll be back to good eating the next day. We don't see food as a treat. We see it as a threat. The start of a slippery slide back to fatland. Learning to maintain is learning to think like thin (and something I'm trying to do:rolleyes:)

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