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Need a shove towards WI tonight please :(

It's dreaded * week,I'm SOOOO incredibly constipated and bloated and feel hormonal and rubbish (etc etc) and am finding myself really not wanting to step on those scales tonight :eek: I need a kick up the bum to get me there... any offers please?:wave_cry:
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Just doing it this time
kicked ****

:cry: i don't like doing that ! :eek:

You'd better go now - cos it might not be as bad as you fear and tomorrow you will probably be saying 'wish I'd gone to class' - you KNOW you will.

do it..................& enjoy the night.


Fighting the bulge
The only way that you can put this week behind you is to go to weigh in.

If its not as bad as you thought and you lose then fantastic!!

If you going and gain as expected then you know where you stand and what you need to lose next week.

If you dont go then this will hang over your head for a whole other week, then next week you dont know how you'll do at WI cuz you thought this was a bad week and it becomes a massive spiral.

Basically... go hehe

Good luck huni!!

P.s Just for good measure - :asskick:



Onwards and downwards!
Go go go!! I'm feeling exactly the same as you today and have weigh in in an hour and a halfs time. I'm absolutely dreading it but I know that I need to go to know where I stand. Then I can draw a line under this week and move on to an even better week next week.

If you gain, then you know its *week so you know why. Then hopefully next week you will have a fab loss once you have got rid of all that bloated yuckiness.

All of us will be keeping an eye out for your post later on to let us know how you got on at weigh in, or else, hehe.

Good luck hun!!

I also have WI tonight and have been good but I feel awful, bloated and yucky.

I am still going - and you should to
That is exactly how I felt last week - bloated from * week etc.

I decided to miss class only to find out that I missed being presented with the Woman of the Year award! I didn't even know I'd been nominated!

I am going to get my sash next week but I did feel a bit of a fraud yesterday after being told I had been awarded for being inspirational while having to admit I bunked off as I didn't want to face the scales! :D

Moral of the story - go to class as you never know what positivity you may miss.
Thankyou everyone! Well I went and lost 2lbs somehow,even got SOW,so am very relieved!I stuck to plan but was convinced that * week plus 4 days of umm not going to the loo would show.I'll try to think more positive in future!Hope you all had good WIs xxx


Onwards and downwards!
Congratulations Hayley!! Thats a fab loss! Keep up the great work :D
well done on biting the bullet and going :) just think how well u will do next week when the 'other' gets going LOL!
well done that's fantastic to lose especially when you weren't expecting to have lost any. Also well done for going - it's missing weeks that's always let me down in the past - missing one week too easily leads to missing two and then not going at all (that's always been my problem anyway), so wellllll donnnnnne you x

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