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Need Adice


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Hi all today is my 4th day and im still hungry.

Im on 4 shakes a day because of my height and i just wondered if i had to have anything what can i have that wont effect my first weigh in tomorrow.

I forgot my booklet when i met my cdc and im sure it mentioned some foods you can have.............?
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Hiya, have you done a ketostick test to see if you are in ketosis? Are your shakes well spread out? I have 3 a day (I'm short) and have them at 10.30am, 3.30pm and 8pm! Water starves off hunger for me :) xxx


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I think before i do anything else im goin to go and buy some sticks then to do a test b back in a bit xx


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I really wouldn't buy the sticks. They don't test for ketosis. If you are hungry at this stage, you're probably not quite in ketosis yet. It'll be around the corner though. Can take up to a week, though most people get there between day 3 and 5

Hang in there. Lots of water and all that.


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ah right, i brought the sticks and did the test and according to the colour chart im +++ 0.8 which is the one from the end? does this mean nothing then?


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I wouldnt say it mens nothing ... I know that ketones in your urine means you have loads of ketones in your body ..which I thought meant you were in ketosis. It took me 5 days to get into ketosis so I guess everyone is different.

How is the hunger? Perhaps increasing your water intake will help kurb those hunger pangs, usually works for me.


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Stick with it! You will get into Ketosis soon and you won't feel hungry any more. If you are in ketosis, it can either be thirst or an emotional hunger. When we are in the habit of eating it takes a while to get into the mindset. I promise you that it will go away - focus on how great you will feel when you get through your first week without cheating... think how great you will feel when you see how much weight you have lost, and think how great you will feel when you get to your goal.

Don't stop now. You will regret it, but I promise you'll regret nothing if you stick with it.

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