Need Advice for Problems with Drinking Water!


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Hi all, i have been preparing myself to restart CD and have been trying to increase my water intake but i have been having a few problems with it.

The water is just too cold for me to drink and i end up with a sore throat, a bad chest and strangley a very sour burnt kinda feeling in my mouth. I have experienced the burnt feeling before and it does get better but i am not sure what to do about the cold water.

I dont drink tap water on the diet because that is waaaayyy to cold for me so i drink bottled water but that is also too cold for me. I have tried to warm it up in various ways but then when its warm it hurts my throat.

My mum has suggested that i try to drink most of my water during the day because it gets colder towards the night and i should avoid drinking water before bed so i wil try that from tmrw. I think i will also try to drink the small bottles more regulary instead of trying to get through the 1.5 litres of water in 2-3 hours.

But i just find it so strange that i cant drink regular bottled water (i dont even keep it in the fridge).

If anyone has experienced something similar or has any advice/tips, i would very much appreciate it because i think this will be the only thing that holds me back on restarting as my head is in the right place and i am ready to SS.

Thanks in advance for your replies xx :)

ps, i have tried to warm my water up in a suacepan before drinking it. I have tried to mix cold with warm water so its not too cold (gave me a funny stomach), i have tried to warm the bottle in a saucepan of water, i have tried putting it by the gas fire, lol. Its just really annoying me now and i am gettin tired of it.
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Have you thought of drinking peppermint or green tea because I have noticed am drinking more tea the colder it gets. Plus specific teas/coffees count towards your daily water intake. A CDC could confirm that for us then if you find something you like you won't find it too hard.

I have normally used warm water when I feel bloated and it works, so that's maybe why it makes your tummy feel weird.


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Hi Sylvie, thank you for the reply. I never thought of drinking herbal tea, but i could give it a go. I will try the green tea but is peppermint tea ok on the diet because i swear i read somewhere that it may not be.

Thank you for your suggestions xx


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Thanks for letting me know. I am really concerned about the water because i dont know how i'll get through the hunger. But my mouth is feeling so sore/burnt again, its very annoying and makes me not want to do the diet :( xx


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Have you seen the doctor? It could be something like an oral infection?
Its odd that you cant drink any tyoe of water at all.


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I dont think its an infection because i only ever get it when i try to do CD and try to drink lots of water. I only saw the dentist a month or so ago and everything was fine there. I will see how i get on for a few days and maybe try some mouthwash or something. Its just bizarre :(

Thanks for your reply :) xx
Hi Maybe Baby. I experience something similar to this and it makes a difference which bottled water I drink. With some I get a burning sensation and it repeats on me with a strange bleachy taste, its horrible and can make me feel like giving up.
At the moment I'm drinking Evian and am having no problems at all, apart from the price, lol.


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I have had similar problems with water. I can only drink certain types of bottled water and they have to be at room temperature. For tap water I put in a Brita filter and again at room temp not from fridge. before the Brita filter or if I run out of filters I use to put tap water in a jug and leave it out over night and found I could drink it the next day because it tasted 'flat'. That really helped. also drinking from smaller bottles rather than a 1.5 litre bottles helps or to have the 1.5 bottle on your desk and top up your glass or mug. hope that helps.


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How much water are you trying to drink? You mention drinking 1.5 litres in 2-3 hours. That's probably part of the problem. I know you'll find people here tell you that the more water you drink, the better, but it isn't always the case, especially if you're drinking it too quickly, which I suspect you are.

The official guidance for water intake on Cambridge is a minimum 4 pints a day, which is around about 2.2 litres. So you're having the majority of your entire day's requirement in 3 hours - when it should be over at least 8 hours, I'd have said.

I know that on LighterLife, the requirement for water is 4 litres a day (at least, it used to be). But actually, the smaller you get as you reduce weight, the less water you need. Four litres would be right if you're in the morbidly obese range - but not necessary once you start heading back into 'overweight'. So, if your goals in your signature are anything to go by, I'd say that to drink 4 pints of water would be enough, especially if you supplement that with a few hot drinks.

So my advice would be to slow it down a bit. Try drinking 250ml an hour rather than 500ml, and space it out across the day.

Hope this helps. :)