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Need Advice on How to Lose Weight

Hiya :) I'm new so I hope this is in the right forum!
Ok, so i'm 18, im 5ft5 and i'm just under 9 1/2 stone. And I can't for the life of me figure out how to lose weight!
I'd always been one of those skinny kids (thought I didn't realise it at the time) who could eat anything but I guess that changes as you get older! Now i'm very unhappy with my figure.
I've tried the special k diet, it didnt help, i've tried sticking to 1200 calories a day, that didn't do anything, i've tried hardly eating anything, and still nothing happens!
I'm fairly active, I have a horse so I have to go and do all the stable work daily, as well as riding for an hour or so on most days. I love running too, I can't afford a gym so I usually run around the fields with my dog lol. I also try and do sit-ups before bed! But what with all these animals to take care of, I never seem to have time for 'proper' excercise. And I feel like I do a fair bit as it is, so not sure how to increase it?
My average daily diet is usually cereal for breakfast. Lunch varies from beans on toast/sandwich/cereal/nothing. As I live with my parents, my mum cooks dinner, which is usually pretty balenced, meat, vegetables, she makes a lot of pasta/rice. As far as snacks go, I dont really have them. I've cut out crisps/chocolate/cake (except on the occasional celebration or something) and if I snack I usually have a cereal bar. I'll be living as a student next year, so really need to get my weight down before then, as it will be a lot harder surrounded by pot noodles.
I'm generally unhappy with how much weight i've put on in the last year or so, i'd love to get down to about 8 1/2 -ish. I also hate my stomach and thighs and am desperatly trying to tone them up (to no avail)
Does anyone have any suggestions of a diet that would suit me? Any tips are welcome!
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maybe try to tone rather than lose weight?
your weight sounds quite healthy to me, im the same height as you and at 9st i was only a size 10/12.

pilates, yoga and weight training is good for toning. all can be done at home too, lots of pilates and yoga dvd's out there, and some simple hand weights.
Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes I think I need to tone more than 'lose weight' although I feel i've gained a few pounds that i'd like to get off! I just cant seem to find something that works!
I've done a few aerobics classes, but will definatly try pilates. Been eating pretty healthily and trying to run as much as I can and lost 3lbs... so I guess thats a good start! Any other tips? :)
To lose weight you need for your body to use fat reserves. The most effective way of achieving this is:

- Reduce the amount of calories you eat

- Increase your activity level.

This is why experts talk about weight loss in terms of diet and exercise.
herlinoah said:
If you want to loose wait you have to start exercise regularly, drink a eight to ten glass water regularly, eating more vegetables and fruits, go for walking early in the morning, avoid the use of more dairy product and fatty foods.
If only it were that simple.... Early morning walks? Not in my world with a family and commitments... I don't think it's fair to be so 'this this that' it totally depends on the individual and their ability, health, and overall 'want' x
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i feel for you and ur struggles :p ive been reducing calorie intake and exercising what is a TON for my norm and not seeing many results. It sounds like you dont have much weight to lose at all and yoga is a great way to tone and lengthen whats already there. you cna google simple poses and start that way for free :)