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Need Advise Pleeeeeze!


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Hi Guys & Gals,

Can anyone help me decide?!
I changed over from Cambridge diet two weeks ago (tomorrow), I'm doing WW online so far i've stayed exactly same weight, I'm pleased with this (kindof!) as i thought maybe i'd gain a lb or 2 to eating again. I'm really enjoying the whole plan and it's great having the freedom to eat a normal healthy diet. The trouble is i still want to loose 7/10lbs and everyone keeps telling me i'm fine the way i am but i've not reached my goal which is really important to me.
We want to start trying for a baby again which is why i'm doing WW (My husband doesn't think i should be on cambridge while trying)
Do you think the weight will start comming off again? Should i lower my points? or maybe i should start Cambridge again till i'm at goal then start eating healthy?
Sorry everyone for such a long post, i guess i'm just a bit confused as getting to my target means so much to me. Thanks for listening :confused:
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Well firstly - well done on your loss so far! You've done SO well!!!

I agree that sts for a couple of weeks after doing CD is quite a good result - like you said, you expected to gain, so sts is brilliant. My advice would be to stick with it for another couple of weeks to give your body a chance to get back to normal, then I'm sure the weight will start dropping off again. You're so close to goal, it won't take long to get there I'm sure.

Good luck with this week, I'm sure you'll probably see a loss at your next weigh in - keep us posted :)
I wouldnt give up yet hun, just think you've done fablously well not gaining weight which i hear a lot of people do. So my advice would be to stick it out, and dont whatever you do lower your points allowance!
Lau xxx


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Hi Hazel!!

I've nothing really to add to the advice you've been given already (definately dont lower your points! - your body may go into starvation mode and start to store fat - thats why your allocated whatever amount for your weight/height) just wanted to say a big welcome and the very best of luck pet xxxx


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Hi everyone, Thank you all for your great advise, i'm going to stick with ww and review where i am in a month. But we're off to NYC next week (for 1 week) so ive got to be extra good!!! It's going to be a real test thats for sure lol
Thanks again everyone xx :)


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Hey hun glad you have decided to stick with it. Just also to add that you aren't supposed to do CD if your BMI is 25 or less- you wouldn't be able to SS now and would have to be on one of the higher plans, so better rly if you stick with WW for the last few lbs. xxx

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