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need advise

Well... do refeeding a week before your holiday... then you can eat on your hols which you may aswell do... when you get back get back into ketosis again and start where you left off. Just dont go overboard with carbs and saturated fat while your away... should come back within 1 or 2 lb of what you left.
im not a big drinker anyway so could stay off the booze is it possible to do refeeding away?
hi blondie

im going away with the family too over the half term holiday but ive decided to stick with it..for me, i know that i'd probably go off the wagon big time and now that i feel so in control at last im not gonna give in..saying that, thats just me :) we've also got the luxury of having a self catering flat so any food making is gonna be my domain

good luck with whatever you decide

Blondie I had this dilema only last weekend, I was going away for the weekend and hummed and hayed about what to do. I got advised from my chemist to do the refeed the week before so I could enjoy my weekend without worrying about gaining loads of excess fluid etc. But like you I felt so in control and thought I could prob cope with 2 shakes and one small, low fat protien meal whilst I was away. Likewise, I'm also not a massive drinker.... I never did the refeed and packed my shakes and headed to Dublin feeling confident! When I got there, my will slipped pretty much straight away! I ended up eating and DRINKING! I never went wildy over board and my choices would have been pretty good, had I been on a normal diet but with being on lipo I gained about 5/6lbs. I wasna worried tho as I made the decision that I would enjoy myself and get right back on track come Mon - which I did. I am pelased to say, according to my scales I am 1lb below what I was last week, so it looks as tho I have lost the fluid and a little extra! I get weighed tomorrow so time will tell!

So what am saying is, if you can stick to it whilst your away, then fantastic but if not (like me, eating out whilst am away is a major part of the break) then just relax, enjoy yourself and get back on track when yuo return. I worried it would be hard but its been fine. I said to myself that eating at the weekend was not cheating and I was not willing to dwell on it, it was a choice I made and at the end of it I looked back and was glad as I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know I would not have enjoyed myself so much if I never ate!! I told myself it would however be cheating if I never got back on track come the Monday! It worked for me.

Good luck with what you choose.
so confused now dunno what to do
dont you think it sort of depends on whether youll mind going through ketosis again and having the headaches etc and also possible weight gain?...i know thats whats putting me off when i go away as well as possibly not being able to control myself once i get real food in my mouth again....ultimately though its your decision..you do what you think best for yourself xx

h x
Hiya girls. I know its a hard decision to make, you just have to go with how you feel at the time I think. As you know I planned to go with the shakes but in the end I just couldnt, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend but knew I had to get stright back on track. Now I cant speak for everyone but never had any problem getting back onto it (which I found a shock as last year I tried many tmes to get back on track but never managed) but this tme was different? I never had any headaches or anything this week. I had my weigh in today and I have lost the 5lbs I gained whilst I was away and a further 3lbs and thats only frm Monday! It can be done, you just need to figure out what you want to do. If you do eat, then eat and enjoy yourself then just get right back into it, if I can you can.

Best fo luck girls xxx
Hi there

I think you should go enjoy you hols and start back it the day you come back....

I went off it for a week at Christmas and managed to keep it down by watching wat I ate and I have a few drinks as well

Good luck with it!:)

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