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Need damn good talking to!!!


maintaining since June'09
Hi Folks .......

As the title says - I need a damn good talking to ..... I don't know what's the matter with me.

I'm completely out of control - it doesn't feel like a 'blip' it feels like the rocky road :sigh: ..... you know what I mean.

I don't want to allow it to go on as I know what'll happen and it'll be back to square 1 - YET again ... :(

Now I know what might be said - I've said it myself in the past, but I'm thinking about doing Lipotrim for a boost ... I've been talking to someone on here who thinks it's the dog's whatsits and, looking around the losses do seem fantastic.

I know the arguements ...... not re-educating, easy to regain, hair falling out, periods stopping (too late for me! ;)), messing up metabolism, anti-social ...etc etc etc but I'm still finding it tempting.

I'm thinking 3 months and I can have lost or at least made terrific inroads into what I want to lose and then the rest of my life to re-educate.....

Then I think - but if I can't stick to DC - which is yummy - how will I stick to that?? And I think the answer to that is NO CHOICES ..... maybe I need that rigidity...? :rolleyes:

I just wish I could find that ruddy mojo of mine which seems to have deserted me .... :confused:

We have friends coming round tonight and I'd love to talk to her about it - I can talk to her about most things - but as she's the friend who runs the SW class I'm weigh-lady at I pretty much know what she'd have to say about it!! :eek:


Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Night xxxx
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Stubborn and doing it
Lipotrim is an excellent diet - during the sole source stage it is not so much about education in action but about dealing with addiction - breaking that dependance on food. The education comes from reading during sole sourcing and during the re-introduction of food phase. People sometimes cut corners and don't spend enough time on the maintenance side. As with any diet, it is a long term commitment.

If you want to give it a go, then go for it - that's my advice. It isn't easy, but the loses are fantastic :D

My word of advice, if you go for it, is invest in some psyllium husk tablets and some Fibre Sure or such like - the fibre is lacking big time and we all know where that leads. Oh, and don't even think about trying the bars cos they are yuck yuck yuck - e.g. cardboard hehe!


maintaining since June'09
Thanks Caroline ....... I can't make up my mind what to do.

Consensus seems to be that the chicken soup is nauseating ...... reviews on the 'flapjacks' are mixed.

According to their website there are 2 chemists that do it within walking distance of me ..... being me I would take that as an omen (yes I AM nuts :)) ...... but I'm still not sure.

Thanks for being so supportive and not just dismissing it out of hand - I know a lot of people would!

I've been doing battle with my weight for over 30 years .... hey maybe that's half the problem - seeing it as a battle!!!! Sometimes I can just get on with it and sometimes - like now - it feels impossible ...

I'm so glad i found this forum. Actually I didn't find it YOU sent me here!! Thank YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :):):)


Stubborn and doing it
I was an obese child, an obese teen and am an obese adult - only time I was thin was up until about 6 years old. It can sometimes feel like a battle and has done for me for years - life can be so cruel when you are large, sigh!

Like you, when things are going right, I just do it. I focus on health not so much on weight these days - hopefully the weight will follow, but any plateaus won't seem so bad if I think of more than just the scales.

Maybe having two pharmacies near you is an omen. Way I see it, you won't know how it works for you if you don't give it a go. We'll be here to help you through the first few rough days :)


maintaining since June'09
Ah that's really good to know - I thought I might have to de-camp to the Lipotrim bit of the forum - though I'll probably go there as well.

I too was the obese child and teenager ..... 'teased' at school etc. but I only started doing the 'battle' at about 21. I joined a branch of The old 'Slimming' club and weighed in at 10.5st!!!!!!! What I wouldn't give to be that now!!

I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn't done that because really i was fine then - I just didn't realise it!

Thanks again for your support and well done on how you're getting on at the moment!! Keep it up! :)


maintaining since June'09
Me too :(

Smiley face for visitors now :):):):) ;)


maintaining since June'09
Thanks guys! Still wondering but leaning towards doing it .......

We have a short break to Scotland booked for the last week in March - I'm wondering if it's possible to sort of 'ease up' on it for a few days without doing too much damage. Just maybe having a 'healthy' evening meal so OH doesn't have to be a billy in the restaurant ...........

I think if I'm going to do it I just have to go for it - there'll never be a 'good' time.

Thanks again xx


Stubborn and doing it
When I was doing Cambridge, I had the occasional meal but kept it low carb - mainly prawns/chicken and green salad minus dressing - it's naughty you it means you don't get knocked out of ketosis, and if you do, it only takes a day to get back into it as there really isn't enough carbs in a green salad to go forth and make glycogen.

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