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Need Help:D

Hi, my names Jordan, i currently weight 16.6St and i'm 6 ft 3.. so i need to lose around 4 st.. i'm starting step 2 soon.. couldn't do step 1 because of medical issue's... and i'm curious.. if i stick to this 100% will it come off? or is everybodies body different and it may not come off? and step 2 consist's of 3 shakes and a meal per day.. am i allowed to skip the meal and just drink the 3 shakes? any help is appreciated.. thank you
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not giving up
Hi Jordan well you are in the right place for help.

Well done for deciding to start excellent work already :)

Do you mind me asking are you a male or female Jordan? If you are female I am very jealous of your height I would love to be taller and if you are male....do you want a date I love tall men hehehe :)

I am on SS which is just the 3 packs a day and no meal so unfortunately I can't answer any question regarding the meal aspect but I can assure you that you WILL lose weight on this if you stick to your plan and drink plenty of water.

Sorry I can't be more detailed on the food side of things but no doubt someone will pop up very soon an answer any questions so keep an eye out on this thread

Good luck with CD xx


Bouncy Castle
if you've been put on step two because you have a medical condition - then you must have your meal. the medical contraindications are pretty rigid.

if you've been started on step two because of your weight, your cdc may not have you on it long anyway.

at any rate, even if you were SS you would be on 4 packs a day. 3 packs just isn't enough for someone of your height/gender.

and you will lose weight on 810 cals! people lose weight on regular diets, which can be up to 1500cals for someone of your height. Why not give it a fortnight, see the losses and then make your mind up.


Loves to Post
I also agree with Spangles.
You would have been put on stage 2 for a reason and the only difference between SS and stage two is the meal so is important that you have your meal. You should still see big losses. Good Luck