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Need Help from CDC or Long Term CD Dieter?


The Nerdy Singer
Hey -

I'm a university student and finances are very very tight the past couple of weeks and will be for another week or so.

As a result, I have yet to order my CD food. I have a distributor locally that I can get to if necessary, but....

If it ends up being a few days in between when my food runs out and my new food gets here, is there anything I can do to keep with the diet and keep in ketosis despite being a couple days without???
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If you run out of food i would stick to the low carb/green and white principles in the book. Its not really a good long term solution though and there's no guarantee you will stay in ketosis. Also because a diet like this is unlikely to be nutritionally balanced you may see fluctuations in your loss.
Have a look at low GI options when choosing your foods and keep a tight rein on portion control.


The Nerdy Singer
My mom has it; I can't have SlimFast without gagging and puking. It's just nasty. :(


The Nerdy Singer
Thanks, guys. :)
slimfast isn't food replacement though so you would have to have the 'balanced meal' option too.

keep the carbs down and do as flirty says. atkinsish but without the high fat content. best if you don't end up in the situation though hon. if you can't get takeaway, drink alcohol, get snacks or buy food at uni you probably won't find it as expensive as you think. saying that i used to spend far less than £35 a week but you see my point, ha. uni takeaways were the beginning of a whole new slide into weight gain for me. :)

abz xx


The Nerdy Singer
I never drink or eat junky food - esp. not since this diet. The expense has been coming because I have uni expenses, petrol has gone way up (yes I know you guys pay a lot more, but your transit systems are much better so you don't have to drive as far, as often. I go about 75 miles a day back and forth), I'm having to buy new clothes almost weekly because mine are falling off and so even the clearance racks get expensive after that much replacement.... it's all just been adding up; my bills have increased and my wages have not. :-\