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Need help - hospital stay


is a tasty crumpet
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I desperately need help and advice - my son was admitted to hospital this week and I have completely and utterly fallen off the wagon. I managed to lose half a stone on SW so far (I'm fairly new to it) and I know it's all gone back on and maybe some more as well. I'm too scared to weigh myself, but I can see and feel the weight gain and I feel disgusted with myself.

I'm not at home, I'm pretty much living at the hospital, so I've been eating absolute rubbish and McDonalds breakfasts. I need some ideas and some help to getting back on track. I'm eating out of a combination of boredom (nothing else to do on the ward) and also for convenience.

There's a parents room on our ward with a teeny tiny fridge, a toaster, a microwave and a kettle. I'm home every other night, but completely knackered, but I could cook something if it didn't take too long. We can't really go shopping for any food because we're not in the house to eat it, plus we're absolutely skint due to the traveling costs of getting to and from the hospital. I have about £10 left to my name until this Thursday.

I do have some veg in the fridge - I've got broccoli, a courgette, tomatoes, half a bag of salad, carrots, onions and potatoes. I have eggs as well and about 3 apples, plus lots of tins of tomatoes, rice and pasta.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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My advice would be to worry about your son and nothing else - SW will still be there when your son is out of hospital. Other than that all i can say is that i hope your son gets well soon x
You could do omlettes with the stuff you have in the cupboards, pasta sauce is fairly quick too.


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I absolutely agree with Kingleds, your son is you first priority and everything else will take second place. However, you're obviously not too happy that you don't have much control over your food at the moment, and being stressed about this isn't going to help you or your son,
Firstly, don't worry about any gains - they are easily reversible once you are back into a regular routine. Secondly, can you ask family and friends to help you out? At times like this people always ask if they can help - this time say yes please - could you pack me up a salad, some fruit and a mullerlight please?! Might feel cheeky but people generally feel helpless at these times but would like to do something. As above, mugshots are simple and cheap as is pasta (using up the veg you already have), noodles, beans etc. Green definately seems like the easier option - cheaper and less need to refrigerate!
I hope your son is on the mend soon and you can all go home, take care xxxx


is a tasty crumpet
S: 13st6lb C: 12st13.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.46%)
Thank you both. x

You're right in that I shouldn't really be worrying about this, and I wasn't, up until the point my son got a bit better. We're just waiting for him to come off oxygen and then he can come home, so I'm not panicking about him anymore.

Mugshots - I forgot about those! I think I need to do a food diary as seeing everything written down might stop me having yet another bag of Jelly Tots because I'm bored!


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What an awful situation - hope your son gets better soon.
Just a thought - the money you spend on eating while you are there (canteen or McDs) - can this be spent on something a little healthier instead. There is a microwave available so what about buying some tins of beans or something from a corner shop (or buying them at home and having them in your bag) to help stave off the hunger. I know beans are well boring but at least they should help fill you up and if you keep yourself topped up with liquid (water or with nas squash or tea/coffee) you shouldn't notice the hunger as much.
The other option is to make up some pasta type sauce at home when you pop back (tinned toms, onion and whatever veg you have) and cook a batch of pasta then again this is at least free and filling and should transport OK in a plastic box and easy to heat up in a microwave when you need it. An omlette can also be made at home and heated or eaten cold later on - fry off some veg (onion, corgette etc) and add the egg for a spanish style omlette to munch on as and when :D


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Worry about your Son first, the great thing with Slimming World is that in a couple of weeks anything you gain will be gone.

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