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Need help please :) !!!!

I joined WW 5 weeks ago and in 4 weeks lost 10 pounds. I was delighted but weighed myself on different scales at the weekend and they showed i was 4 pounds heavier. I havent done anything diff at all..i stick to the plan 100% and track all my food and drink.. I know i shouldnt have weighed myself but im really down now and spent the past 2 days eating rubbish!! I really want to stick at this so im going to a diff class tomo night (Normally go on a tues)..ive never joined these forums before but really need some motivation to keep going!:cry:
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Hi Purplestar, Welcome to this fab forum.
Not sure about the scales bit but I would go with the ones at class.
Don't let it deter you from sticking to your resolve to lose the weight as it's got to be big bonus in the long run.
You are in the right place now for all the advice and encouragement for this exciting journey to a new you.

Take care and all the very best to you...:)
Thanks so much..yes you're def right! Everyone keeps telling me not to go this week but I need to keep it up or I'll just go off it altogether..it's about the end goal and not just week by week..thanks :)
No 2 scales will ever weigh you the same Purplestar, and I know its very hard not scale hop ( serial scale hopper here :rolleyes:). I also would go to class this week too, you never know what you've done prior to eating rubbish might just give you a loss, or a STS. But even if you do have a small gain, you've learnt not to scale hop;) xxx
Keep going -last week I lost nothing and was so down but stuck to it and I could feel my clothes were looser. This week - 4 3/4 lbs - it is up and down but keep at it!! Good luck


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The main advice i can give is avoid all scales apart from the ones at your meeting. That way you know you are getting a consistent reading off of the same scales every time. i know how tempting it is to peek but those other scales could have been wrong. Is it worth going off plan for a maybe? Hope it all works out for ya :)
Even getting weighed on a different day can make a big difference its best to get weighed at the same time each week to get a true result, so don't be disheartened because you can put 2lb on or lose it in a day see how it goes when you are weighing in on the same day each week. Good luck
I only every weigh once a week on my own scales as I am doing it on line. I used to be a serial weigher but that scuppered my motivation if I did not see aloss each time. Now only once a week and I am much more comfortable with myself and the programme.