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Need help, sorry


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Today I am wearing a sz 10 pair of trousers and a sz 8-10 top but I feel absolutely huge, that I have no right to be in these sizes and that there must be a mistake on the labels as the mirror shows me that I don't look those clothes sizes - am I going mad?? :confused:

I don't think I will ever be thin enough, especially when i used a BMI calculator saying my healthy weight is between 6st 10 and 9st 5
So I need to be under 7 stone before I am thin enough?

I remember being 9 stone when I was 17/18 and my Mum saying "we will knock at leas a stone off of you", I was so fat then too, even my fiance, who I met when I was 9 stone, said he thought at the time I could do with losing weight back then.

I am never going to be small enough no matter what I do, I could even get to that perfect "size 0" and still be too big :wave_cry:

Should I quit while I am ahead?

Thanks for listening to my moans, I am going through a very difficult time :eek:
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omg you have done so well, Im not sure what is going on today but I have had such a bad evening, just feeling so fat,and fed up...... well Im much bigger than you, in size 26/28 clothes.....and so wish I was in size 10 clothes.

Ithink we see ourselves differently, I remember when I was slimmer I thought I was fat then but looking back at photos I wish I was that size now.

Good luck, hope your mood lifts soon.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks Sonkie:)

I'm starting to worry about myself, I'm eating thing sthat I shouldn't (still on SS) but using 'incorrect/purging' methods to get rid of it.

No-one understands how I am feeling really, they are either saying stop now or keep going and I am taking both as as insult :mad: (I'm going mad, I know it, lol!).

The main thing that is concerning me is that I think i may be developing an eating disorder but I am 28 and too old for that, surely?

Sorry to be a moan a minute but no-one understands like you guys :)

I've read your post and I'm sending sooo many hugs your way.

You are not going mad, I may be wrong, but it sounds like you don't get as much support as you deserve from family and partner? (I hope I'm not offending). You have done so well getting to the weight you are, and I'm sure you look fabulous. It sounds like your self esteem is very low at the moment, and the little voice we all get from time to time is saying you could do better, you don't deserve to feel happy etc.

You do deserve to feel good and confident, you are one of the inspirational people on minimins, as your achievements are great!

Take some time to assess your feelings more, perhaps if you can, plan a day just for you, perhaps at a spa, to pamper yourself, or a mammoth spending spree, anything you know you'll enjoy, either go alone or take a fun supportive friend. Then see how you feel, if the nagging thoughts persist, I think I would have a word with your doctor to see if they have any suggestions. I know it's hard, but if you do see your gp, be really honest and tell them everything.

I really hope you feel better soon.

Good advice there from Minilady - I agree - you're not going mad but you certainly haven't got a very good body image right now (erm....like I do....not!)

You are not fat with a BMI of 26.6. You are slightly, SLIGHTLY, overweight according to government guidelines - there's a big difference.

Your brain hasn't caught up with how much weight you've lost - it takes about 4 months for each stone lost, so give yourself a bit of time, hun.

Purgeing (sp?) isn't the answer but you know that already, don't you, hun?!

Don't be so hard on yourself - we are all a work in progress and we can't get it right all of the time. Think about what you would say to someone else who had written exactly the same post as you just have. Then take your own advice.


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