Need help to get back on track:(!!!


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Awww what a nightmare!! iv had a horrible week it was one thing after another so needless to say i didn’t follow sw at all, iv been so bad, ate all round me and to top it off iv a chest infection but its finally clearing up, i am really annoyed with myself at the fact i haven’t been to class for 2weeks and the last time i was there i gained 2.5lb, weigh in is tomorrow evening and i know iv gained even more and so far iv only lost 3.5lb which by weigh in 2mro it will be less so im a bit embarrassed L but im gona suck it up and go face the scales and try my hardest to get back on track, would love some weight off for xmas and if i dont go back to group 2mro il end up a lot heavier so need to put a stop to it! sorry for rambling needed that off my chest! Can someone please give me some advice im losing the will :break_diet::sigh:
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When i'm feeling down about my weight I hoke out the fattest photo I have of myself and take a long hard look at it and remember how much I absolutely hated myself looking like that!!

Good woman for biting the bullet and realising that you have to go back to class or the weight will just pile back on again and you'll feel even more miserable about yourself!

So dust yourself off, go straight back to plan tomorrow, accept the gain tomorrow night and move on! You'd never know what you could have off before Christmas!



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Listen here miss, stop being so hard on yourself please :)

so you slipped up & I know it's a horrible feeling when you've been off plan etc, but let's see the positives here, you've decided to go back and face the scales tomorrow and you've realized if you don't then you will gain more weight by Christmas..

Your head is in a good place, so put your positive head on going to bed tonight so when you wake up tomorrow you will be in a positive I-will-succeed frame of mind & get back on track, including tomorrow you've 4 weigh-ins for Christmas, imagine starting the new year half a stone down and knowing 2012 is the year your going to achieve your goals :)


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Thank you Curvygirl87! I am in the same position. Missed a couple of classes and I haven't followed the plan at all. Had a really terrible 3 weeks and wasn't sure I had the courage to go to weigh in tomorrow but your positivity has given me the boost I needed. If you go i'll go :)