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need help to get started again


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hi all started cambridge last year and lost 2 .5 stone for my hols ,went on holiday had a fab time problem is i ve put it all back on and i need help to get started again i know i can do it but i feel like i m stuck in a rut please help need advice an a kick up the rear :wave_cry: :cry:
Hi Owensmum, not sure i could kick any one lol, but how about, think about what you want more, and i expect it will be to get that weight off, so i think the best plan of action would be to pick a day to start and go on the 790 plan for 1 week then maybe down to ss after that, this way it will be a gentler way of starting, hope this helps and lots of luck for your start.
hi thanks for your reply i attempted starting yesterday but my will power gave in come dinner time i just need to get into that positive thinking again i know i can do this


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Yep its time to think just for you, its important to think like this over any times that are hard, i often think of some of the negative things people have said to me on this diet and that makes me even more determined to stick to it to prove them wrong.:D
i know what you mean i did enjoy all the comments that people gave me when i had lost the weight before but i don t really have a very supportive partner he makes little comments all the time which he thinks is funny and pretends to be joking but when he calls me jelly belly it upset s me and i know he would rather have a size ten women on his arm than a size 16 like me


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Some men can be so silly sometimes, he probably thinks he is keeping things funny and light for you, and would not have a clue he is hurting your feelings the daft bat:rolleyes: but it is something like that, that would spur me into action, and then when i have reached my goal tell him how hurtfull it all was, and how proud of myself for sticking to it through all the lonely and hurtful times.

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