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  1. babydarlin_uk

    babydarlin_uk Full Member

    Hey All, I joined few days ago, am on my 4th day of LT and doing fine but keep thinking constantly what am I going to lose, hope I am losing and keep thinking can't cheat can't cheat haha anyone else feel like that or is it me?
    I'm trying really hard to get to know my way around this site but not having much luck. Trying to make some friends too but can't seem to find the same people when I log bac on can anyone help?
    Oh and how do I put a picture up on my profile?
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  3. Mini

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    Well done Sammy for getting to day 4!!!

    The first week is the most difficult but it does get easier.

    Take your mind of food by writing down a list of your goals and set yourself mini goals and have another list of things non food that you will reward yourself with as you tick of each mini goal.

    Be sure to take some before photos and body measurements as these provide an encouraging record for you to compare your progress as time goes on.

    Here is a link to help you make your way around.

    Mini's Guided Tour

    I love playing with My Virtual Model

    You can change the weight and hair etc...

    We have an Arcade here and you are welcome to join in one of the tournaments.

    The Inspirational Slide Show

    Before and After Photos

    More Photos

    If you need any help please ask.

    Love Mini xxx
  4. babydarlin_uk

    babydarlin_uk Full Member

    Hey Mini,

    thankyou so much for that great mail thats real ncie of you to help and support me. I have taken a before picture so in a couple of weeks when I've lost a bit mroe I shall take some more pictures, have also done measurements too.
    Can I ask, how do you put a picture of yourself onto your profile? It says in the help guide on here an administrater must change the settings so I can do this. How do I go about doing that?

    Thanks again for your help
  5. lillie

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    you have to earn privelages hun ,you will need 50 posts xx
  6. cuddlyfairy

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    Just keep posting and you'll soon hit 50.

    When is your first WI? I'm sure it will be very encouraging for you.

    When you can try putting a ticker up so you (and us) can see how well you are doing.

    Good luck.

  7. Purplecrazy

    Purplecrazy Full Member

    Welcome Sammy!

    I'm on day 6 - finding things not too bad although day 2 was awful... I'm in the same boat as you at the moment thinking 'don't cheat, don't cheat' and really proud today as I haven't told my work colleagues as thought it would just put extra pressure on me but alas I went back to my desk and there sitting on it were two choccy biscuits and I threw them in my bin - yeah me!!!!

    All the very best, I've found this site so inspirational and find I'm constantly reading new stories which is helping me to take my mind off yummy things, hope you find it as useful.
  8. babydarlin_uk

    babydarlin_uk Full Member

    Hey thanks very muc, my first WI is friday morning, I can't wait, I'm sticking to this no matter what and making sure I drink plenty of water. Think I have put a ticker up ready to start and I shall fill it in friday morning when I know how much I lose. Fingers crossed :)
  9. babydarlin_uk

    babydarlin_uk Full Member

    Hey thanks for that, I def agree i've found this website extremely inspirational special seeing everyones tickers at how much they have lost, just makes me want to do it more. I haven't had cravings or anything just keeping thinking I can't cheat i can't cheat i refuse to this time special now i'm going into day 5 that really is something to be proud of for me becos i've never stuck to anything before. So many nice people like yourself on here.
    Good luck to you too and well done for chucking the choccy away now that must have been hard
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