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Need help with WW

Hi all,
im new here! and have read some of your posts! your all doing really well and i hope someone will take me under thier wing and make me a loser aswell!! lol

i have been on WW since 06/02/09
i started at 13.3, this remained the same in week 1 and in week 2 im 13.4! the only reason i can think of for this gain is its TOM. And ive been told women usually gain during this time due to water retention. So far ive lost no weight.
If i post my food diary for the week gone can someone please read it and tell me A) if im calculating points right and B) if im eating the wrong foods.

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Hi hun,

I;m not on WW myself but didn't want to read and run, I would recommend reading the sticky at the top of the weight watchers forum that allows you to work out how many points a day you should be on, make sure that you are having the right amount.
ok here goes- this is yesterday

crunchy nut 2
Semi skimmed milk 2
mini chicken pasty 2 (small finger size home made)

Jacket potato 2.5
cheese 2 (small amount)
beans 2.5 (large spoon full)

chicken breast 2.5
mix veg 0
tiny bit of oil 1
cheese 2.5

= grand total 19 points

I thought i was allowed 22 points, but i think im actually allowed 21.
today so far and planned.

Toast 1.5
crunchy nut & milk 4

Cadbury high lite hot choc 1.5
WW tortilla crisps 1
tuna sandwich 5.5

apple 0.5

---- so far

plan to have (im at work on late shift!)

quorn burger (with bap, marg) 3.5
ww mini hoops 1
= 4.5

grand total = 18.5
TOTM the month can really affect your weight, so dont get down on yourself. Your diary looks good and your staying within your points so why not see how u get on the next full week that TOTM wont affect. The food looks good.... a lot better than mine lol, just ate domino's ooops ut stayed within points. You really can eat anything as long as your within points. Hope I've helped. Good luck
thanks sam uv made me feel better! im going to start a food diary aswell and stick to writing up what i eat! im currently writing it down on a snall pocket notebook that i carry in my bag but keep scribbling things out and changing them! lol

Ok, come monday i should be seeing some weight changes! and also maybe pick up some food tips! im not a picky eater i just like things simple and straight forward!
I am the same! Like it simple. Do u like soup? If you make your own with stock veg of your choice and seasoning its free so great for filling up!

I keep forgetting towrite it down so come evening have forgotten how many points I have left lol. Think a notepad is a must for me too!
your menus look ok, so i'm guessing totm is the likely villain here, but of course everyone's body reacts differently to a change in diet and yours may just take a week or so to adjust to it all.
the onlyother thing i can thik of is are you drinking loads of water, it really does help.
Your food diary looks fine, see how you go next week when TOTM is over. Good idea to keep writing it down and post it in here as someone always pops by to comment sooner or later.

I dont think im drinking enough water! Its my fault i just cant drink too much coz im running back and forth to the ladies! Cant afford to keep logging off at work u see! (work in call center!) After i had my C-Sec i think my bladder has become VERY weak! :(

anyway will try harder ive got a glass sitting on my desk right now..
and the scale came down one lb so back to 13.3 (me and 13.3 have come a long way together but im looking to ditch it for a 13.1 model! hehe)

wish me luck!
hows u getting on with that notebook sam? it really helps!

Hi mommy b! can you please please please send me the recipe for this free soup as i need somic filling to keep me going at work! and somic to nibble on after a late shift at work! i hate eating at 11pm when i get home!
Do you got to meetings? That helped me, cos I could ask the Leader anything I wasn't sure of. I took my tracker sheets with me so she cld tell me how how I was doing
hi there, there isnt really a recipe for the soup, you can add in any free veg of your choice, cook in stock and liquidize. keeps in the fridge for days so i usually make a big batch.
i personally like carrots,onion, butternut squash and red pepper. sometimes i add tinned tomatoes to bulk it out and i often add garlic or chilli and loads fresh corriander but thats to my taste.

youcan also add soy sauce or wrocester sauce for flavour, it really is up to you-if its free stick it in!!!

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