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Need moral support! :-)

ok so far been on cambridge diet nearly 1 month in 3 weeks i have lost 18 pounds and im getting weighed 2moz morn but but but ive so messed up this week not major bad but not good, sunday to today ive not drank water ive been drinking diet coke lol :( and i have picked at food from kids tea and today i scoffed like loads sausage rolls and nibbled chocolate and crisps i know they say its hard to get back on wagon once you fall of and my god its true!!! 2moz im starting again im just gonna drink my water eat my packs and eat some prawns or chicken or summet for my one meal a day, also i have not been eating my packs proper for 2 weeks i think this and the not drinking water is whats casued me to be so hungry and litrally grab all in my sight ok not everything but still not happy with myself, so 2moz new start againnnn, i just love food so much its my comfat thing :p anyway to keep me going im going to keep posting on here and pleaseeee add me on facebook to chat to me maybe if im busy chattin at night and playing games i wont go to the kitchen lol my name is holly rebecca ashworth id love to hear from you all! give me support lol! ive got to lose 5 more stone by xmas! thats my goal i want to be alot slimmer my xmas this year xxx
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hun theres no point beating yourself up about it. you are only human and we have all made slip ups at one point. cd is hard esp when you have kids but you can do this cause the weightloss is so worth it.
draw aline under it start again. eat all your packs drink your water and visualise yourself at your goal. you are gonna do this hun.
re picking i find it helps not to think about food as food you are doing a job feeding your children and what you give them is keeping them healthy and happy food is your tool not for you to eat.
another thing i find helps is when your children have left food on their plate tell yourself i am not a dustbin cause thats where leftovers belong.
don't imagine food taste nice might even help to imagine it tastes horriable and get you say you honestly enjoyed the food you picked at i usually don't.
if you can buy the book the becks diet soloution it will help you learn ways to control your eating i love it.
one of the saying i love she gave me is oh well or no choice.
she says tell your self i would like that sausage roll oh well or when you think you want it no choice as in its not a option.
you can do this home good luck
Well I had the worst week because just got weighed and I'm put a disgusting 8 pounds back on I cud beat myself up I'm so mad! But from today that's it now back on it strictly I can't afford to mess up more and I will lose 5 stone by xmas! Xx
Oh hun, dont worry I eat and drunk so much from Thursday-Sunday so you arnt alone. I then got straight back on it Monday and have been really good all week.
The thing I found was the junk food I ate made me feel so ill, like my body rejected it that it actually made me want to get back on the diet. I actually feel better for being on it, and its something I need to keep in my mind everytime I want to pig out.
We are all human and will all slip up... we just need to tell ourselves that tomorrow is a new day where we can start again. You will lose then 8lb in no time and get right on track hun! Keep posting and everyone is here to support you
i lost 2 pound of it in 3 days but ive buggerd up again lol hopein a cookie and some steak wont be to bad as steak no carbs lol im so rubbish at diets xxx

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