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  1. Liz0800

    Liz0800 Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just had a bad weekend. Have been doing so well but hit an emotional down place. The goal seems so far off. I have had two days of eating sweets and cakes. So am here to say and publicly declare I am recommitting to carry on losing weight as from tomorrow. Sick of being down on myself and self sabotaging. Think its so long I recall being slim. I keep wondering will it be worth it and can't imagine that place. Does anyone else ever fell this way.

    Sorry to moan....

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  3. skinhead

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    Hi L,

    I could have written that post myself! It's so tough to keep the motivation up when goal seems so far away and impossible. I had a few bad weeks and then decided to get back to class on thurs past and bite the bulllet...5lbs on, almost cried in front of everyone, truly disgusted with myself BUT I did go, I am back on track and I've decided to just set myself mini goals. Like it my birthday in may so i want to loose at least a stone by 7th May, only way to do it is to stick to the plan and remember when I cheat the only person I'm really cheating is myself! Hope you are back on track. Do you keep a food diary?

    Skinhead x
  4. Liz0800

    Liz0800 Member

    Thank you so much for that. Have managed two good days. Think back to square one. I am setting myself a goal of a pound a week.

  5. traceyfizz

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    That is me , I go through stages of feeling like giving up but I am already feeling better in myself and I have to remind myself that even though I would like to lose 5 stone in total it'll be worth it ....... I hope lol will get to goal and get run over by a bus .... Good luck
  6. the_last_time

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    Well done on the public declaration, I usually hide for a few weeks!! I often feel so disheartened, I've just looked at my weight tracker & I'm at exactly the same place I was a year ago....I lost a few more lbs, then gained, then was up & down & now I'm back on track. It's so irritating. I lies get comments, compliments, then I gain again instantly & hang my head in shame, until I lose again & the cycle continues....not sure how to keep on track.

    I am a terrible emotional water, any emotion & I'm all over food! I wish I was one of those people who go off food under stress, I'd be teeny!

    I must add it didn't sound like a moan at all just a big sigh...hope you're getting back on track now :)
  7. spannerk

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    Ladies don't be so hard on yourselves!! I did that and put all my weight back on and more this time round I'm setting myself "mini" targets lol my first goal is 7lb then 5% then 14lb etc take it one stage at a time... Stay strong ladies we can do this!!!

    Well done on stopping it at 2 bad days it could have gone on so be proud of yourself for getting back on track!!


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